The spying game

Edward snowden created a storm by revealing how US spies on other countries, friends Imageand foes alike. When this country does not spare it’s own citizens, what can one expect from it about others. It only proves that all the talk about 4th amendment and privacy of US citizens is just a humbug and US government be it Republican or Democrat does not give any importance to it other than paying some lip service. After 911 American psych has also changed and people appear to be more tolerant about government snooping into their private affairs.

While Europe has expressed it’s indignation, although they can hardly do anything about it, Indian reaction is peculiar. Rather than being angry about being spied upon, Indian government seemed to be supporting US on this issue and our foreign minister was heard playing around with words like ‘it is not spying but pattern analysis’ etc. He almost sounded like a US spokes person defending US position on spying.

While I agree that expressing indignation and anger will not change the situation as these are only impotent gestures, I felt sorry that our government took a stand which appears to support US actions.

On the other hand USA could be right to some extent about the need to snoop on others to keep track of terror activities. Only thing other countries should understand that whatever US does is only and only in it’s self interest and profits. It is primarily a nation of merchants and looks for monetary or other gains for itself in every situation. It has no permanent friends or enemies but only relationships of convenience with other nations including EU and Britain. India has experienced it’s double speak with respect to Pakistan and China on many occasions in past. We should be under no illusion that US can ever be our true friend. It will use us for it’s benefit and we should too respond in kind without getting emotional about the relationship. This way there will no hard feelings and it will be only business all the way.

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