Our PM…….. a village woman?

It was reported in media that Nawaz Sharif, Prime minister of Pakistan was insulted by USA during his recent visit to that country. Whether this story is true or fiction one does not know but if it is true, then in return for this humiliation he got from USA billions of dollar in assistance for his country.

Our Prime minister Manmohan Singh was too humiliated by Vice President of his own party over the issue of granting cover to corrupt politicians. He too caved in but what has he got in return? A big zero. This kind of spinelessness, lack of moral power is the hallmark of Indian politicians and bureaucrats and reflects in our dismal global standing.

Pakistanis have time and again proved to be suave political strategists and have extracted best price for their country from USA and the world. (How much of this has gone into coffers of their politicians, military and intelligence organisations is an open secret.) India with it’s false notion of a great democracy, with a so called non-aligned status and with it’s hollow moral standing has repeatedly fallen flat on it’s face as far as world politics is concerned. It has no real friends and has managed to ring itself with hostile neighbors. Even countries like Nepal and Sri Lanka which were our friends in past do not trust us and respect us.

Why to talk about a global role when the country cannot play a regional role effectively? Even with our enhanced status as a better economy, we are unable to make any mark on the world politics. USA sidelines us in Afghanistan, small countries like Norway play important role in Sri Lanka and Myanmar and Bangladesh and even Nepal have been attracted by China.

No wonder that PM of a failed state like Pakistan ridicules our PM as a village woman. Leaving aside the ridicule part of it what Sharif meant was that our politicians are naive, illiterate and pushovers in world politics. His remark was directed towards our PM but was meant for the entire Indian political class in general.

What we need is an entire generation of new political and administrative leadership to start a new beginning. We need people who are nationalist to a fault and go to any extent to protect our country and enhance it’s standing in the world. During this process they may have to use an iron hand for bringing in a change in the culture of laziness, indiscipline and selfishness set in all levels in our society. There is no other soft option to set right the rotten state of affair in our country.

Do we see such an option, who has proven record, available to us?  And if we do, do we have courage to embrace it?

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