Homeopathy for layman ……..by layman

If you are interested in trying out homeopathy, I recommend the following remedies as a Imagegood start. The 30c potency is a good general purpose potency and doze will be 4/5 pills 3 times a day. Avoid taking any food or drink within one hour of taking the medicine for best effects.

This part will cover some Homeopathic remedies to be kept in the home First Aid Kit.

First Aid Remedies

  • Arnica – For accidents, shock, injuries and bruising. Also useful to heal a sour body after a long travel and jet lag.
  • Calendula – Also available as a cream for healing wounds. It quickly seals the wounds and should be applied after the wound is completely cleaned.
  • Hypericum – A good remedy for injuries to nerve rich and sensitive areas like fingers, toes and genitals when pain is sharp and shooting.
  • Apis Mel – Very effective for bites and stings especially when they are accompanied with redness, pain and swelling.
  • Ledum – Good remedy for puncture wounds. Works well when pain is better from cold application and worse from heat.
  • Aconite – Extremely useful for treating ailments from cold winds and chills. Stops cold in it’s track if  taken at the first hint of illness.
  • Cantharis – Remedy for intense pain of burns. Great remedy when the skin is blistered, hot, burning and very painful.
  • Mag Phos – Remedy for cramps, convulsions and spasms. If is effective if tablets are crushed and placed in cup of warm water and sipped.
  • Nux Vomica – Great remedy for ailments from over indulgence of food, alcohol, tobacco and resulting digestive complaints.
  • Rhus Tox – A great remedy for overexertion, strains and over-lifting. For muscle, tendon and connective tissue injuries. Works better in cases when a pain becomes better after movement.

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