Homeopathy….cure or con?

picWhen you visit your doctor he is likely to offer you Conventional, Drug-based Medicine. Rarely, if ever, will your GP discuss with you any alternative treatments. Indeed, most conventionally trained doctors have not been trained in Homeopathy, or any other Alternative Treatment, and so are not qualified to advise you.

The main contention of people opposed to Homeopathy is that the reason patients get better is not because of the homeopathic remedy but because of a placebo-effect and the lengthy consultation with a compassionate clinician. But placebo effect theory is wrong, as homeopathy is known to work even better for kids and infants who are not influenced by placebo effect. But is there anything wrong with using the placebo effect? After-all no one will deny that a patient feels a lot better if his doctor talks with compassion, shows concern for his  condition and gives him time to express his feelings. Unfortunately in today’s fast paced world, time is a precious commodity and doctors with their heavy patient load are always short of time.

What are advantages of Homeopathy?

  1.  Homeopathy is extremely effective, but requires a good match between the symptoms of your illness, and the known symptom picture of a homeopathic remedy. When this match is achieved, Homeopathy will be effective.
  2. Homeopathy is safe.
  3.  Homeopathy is inexpensive – Today it is hard to find a GP to treat your every day illnesses like common cold, cough, sprains etc. Visiting specialists costs a bundle and often exposes you to heavy doses of antibiotics.

A growing number of people, throughout the world, are now turning to Homeopathy to treat illness. It is now the second most used therapy worldwide.

To build up confidence you can start treating  everyday illnesses like common cold, cough, flu, sprain, acidity, indigestion etc. Once you gain confidence and develop trust you can graduate to higher levels.

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