Cloud Computing and it’s implications on IT careers

Cloud computing models are changing the way organizations procure and manage their IT services and at the same cloudtime expect to bring in deep changes in IT careers.

More and more public sector bodies and private enterprises are gyrating towards cloud based technologies as they mature and some of the main objections to cloud adaptation are addressed.

Drivers to move to the cloud are same for all – to eliminate wasteful IT spending and deliver innovative services beneficial to clients. Lower costs of managing cloud is attracting more and more SMEs to cloud based solutions.

Cloud will fundamentally change the way systems and services are procured and managed. This is the most relevant issue for the future of IT recruitment and employment because it involves radical shift of in-house technological skills, away from development towards integration and procurement of external services. As current mundane operations like data center cooling, security and maintenance of physical servers become less relevant, IT departments of the future will be required to understand how technical and software solutions  can be applied to streamline the process of the organization and expect to see their job roles change accordingly. In short, future IT personnel will no longer be the ‘geek’ category but will need to have much more domain knowledge about their industry. Purely software development and maintenance skills may become redundant to the industry and even for the cloud as some of the skills required are very different within the cloud.

Another new area to open up is in certification side as the new cloud based enterprises will be required to certify themselves to specific security norms. At present the most basic level of security confirms roughly to ISO27001 specification.

Though the idea that the cloud reduces the need for high-level IT skills for customers is false, it definitely means retraining in different kind of skill mostly in the area of certification, integration and procurement.

The decisive shift to cloud may be 2/3 years away thus it gives sufficient time for our future IT professionals to identify and get relevant skills to operate in cloud environment.

This article is based on article in ‘Engineering & Technology’ March 2013 issue and other resources from the web.

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