Bid Adieu!

It is unfortunate that Mr. Advani has felt that no other alternative is available to him to convince others for his point of view but to play the old pressure tactics of putting up his resignation. This is a time tested tactics used in Congress and apparently Mr. Advani feels that it may also work for him. Strangely Mr. Advani seems to be supporting Mr. Gadkari, who was removed from the party post  on corruption charges and is still not out the woods.

It is now time to say Bid Adieu to the old guards at BJP. Starting with Mr. Advani, the list should include Mr. Jaswant Singh, Mr. Venkaiya Naidu, Ms. Uma Bharti and Mr. Ananatha Kumar. Party should create ‘emeritus’ positions for these people because of their valuable services in the past and honor them with emeritus titles. It will be wrong for the partly to bend backwards and beg Mr. Advani to retract his resignation.

So this seems to be a time for cleanup. First BCCI and now BJP. In this process the partly should get rid of loose cannons like Mr. Ram Jethmalani and Ms. Uma Bharti. Such people are totally unpredictable and not of long term use to the party.

Congress seems to be gloating with all these events. But they still are reluctant to bring Mr. Rahul Gandhi in the forefront as a direct challenger to Mr. Modi. There could be couple of reasons for this. One being Mr. Gandhi is  not seen as the winning horse and second, given a chance they want to put a puppet in that chair who can be remotely controlled. This will be the perfect arrangement for the family giving them all the power without any responsibility and accountability of governance.

Media is having a field day!  With likes of Mr. Digvijay Singh, Ms. Renuka Choudhary they have a continuous flow of juicy (also stupid at times)  titbits and comments. This is the ultimate entertainment time for the media !  Prime time all the time !!

Why some people just can’t let it go??

Last couple of days media had a great time, with senior BJP leaders feeding them juicy news by their actions and body languages.

No doubt Mr. Advani did a great job for BJP when he helped to bring it’s MPs tally from a pathetic 2 to something over 150! He thought of a plan when no one else could imagine it and had determination and courage to execute it to near perfection. Uniting a billion odd people with a single idea is not a joke!

But unfortunately thereafter it has been a slow down-slide for Mr. Advani and BJP. It started with Mr. Advani expressing regret over Babri structure destruction and it’s speed increased when he praised Jinnah during his visit to Pakistan. With his latest stand to oppose Mr. Modi, I believe that Mr. Advani has achieved another low in his popularity index and lost some more respect among his followers.

I am surprised at the way people want to cling to their position, be it in politics, sports or entertainment. They do not realize that they had their time and it is now necessary to make way for the next gen. Unfortunately they cling on to their position till even their ardent supporters start wishing their exit in some respectable way.

When people like Mr. Digvijay Singh, Mr. Manish Tiwari start speaking in support of Mr. Advani he should realize the kind of damage he has done to the reputation of his party. After Jinnah episode lots of Pakistanis spoke in favor of Mr. Advani and look where it eventually landed us with attacks on parliament, Mumbai etc.

Talking about people clinging to power, we have great personalities like Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Narayan Murthy (he came back on request from his former organization) or Mr. Nelson Mandela who have relinquished power so that next gen can grow and contribute. And in spite of being out of power these gentlemen still enjoy the same or even greater respect. Why not our aged politicians behave in a similar way? I am sure this way they will too continue to enjoy public support, love and respect.

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