Indian cricket fan……… the ultimate fool !

All over the electronic media there is a clamor about the ‘unethical’ way BCCI and it’s members have conducted themselves and cheated a billion Indian cricket lovers. How naive one can get ?
If you open your house for thieves to rob you and then make a hue and cry,  who is to blame? Thieves are there to rob others and so are BCCI and state cricket associations. It is the gullible common man who calls himself a cricket lover, buys costly ticket to watch a match and worships players like God, has turned out to be the ultimate fool. BCCI and all other cricket associations know it very well that in a few day every thing will be forgotten and the fools will continue to be fooled.

Only answer to straighten cricket associations is to boycott all cricket games and players in totality. Hey, am I daydreaming ? Can such a thing ever happen in India, where people glorify even criminals who are accused of crushing people under their expensive cars, killing wildlife for pleasure and colluding with terrorists.

You decide…..

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