पांचो उंगलिया घी मे और सर कढाई मे

In line with it’s time tested strategy, USA has once again put together a show of a coalition of nations to fight the war against ISIS. Ironically many of the Arab states (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain etc) in this coalition are accused by USA itself of funding the ISIS fighters and bringing ISIS forces to their current level of competency. USA created Taliban using Pakistan, then came Al Qaeda using Saudis and now they have propped up ISIS once again using Saudis and their cronies. Looking at this history it appears that USA has a clear-cut strategy to keep the middle east in constant state of boil, thereby keeping rulers of oil rich countries on their toes and always in a state of insecurity. They thus look at USA for their survival and in return USA is assured of cheap oil and market for American goods and arms which plows oil money back into USA. US arms industry too is assured of a continuous market and has ready war like situations for testing their weapons and using local Arabs for target practice as there is no count or accountability of how many Arabs die and in whose hands, in these conflicts.

USA will continue this game till there is oil in middle east (another 2/3 decades) or till someone takes the war to USA on it’s own soil (unlikely, given to their geographic location). Meanwhile there may be some isolated terror attacks on US interests like 9/11, resulting in property damage and death of few Americans. To USA the perceived benefits of their middle east strategy far outweigh few dead Americans.

With middle east USA situation is पांचो उंगलिया घी मे और सर कढाई मे.

My takeaways of election 2014

In my view some of the takeaways of election 2014 are:

– BJP is no more a pariah it was made out to be in past. Having got a nationwide acceptance including from a section of minorities, no one now can categorizes BJP as a party of a specific section of the society.

– BJP’s understanding of “Secularism” as something of an equivalent to “Nationalism” has been accepted by Indian voters. The traditional definition of Secularism – something to do with pro-minority religions does not hold water anymore.

– Mr. Modi’s style of functioning in Gujarat indicates that he will demand accountability both from politicians and bureaucrats. Bureaucrats will now work for people rather than their political masters. More time will be spent on managing jobs than people (politicians). Bureaucracy will be more efficient and more sensitive to people.

– Regional parties will not dominate center’s policies specially in areas of foreign affairs and internal/external security. Without having any power on center they too will learn the importance of team work, for development of their own states. They will be forced to pay attention to welfare of their states rather than playing politics in center for individual gains.

– BJP-Rss relationship need not be a hush-hush affair. People of India have accepted BJP with its relationship with RSS and other allied organisations and there will be no need for BJP politicians to be apologetic about it anymore.

– A new generation in Minority communities has emerged which has aspirations like rest of India and is more inclined to work with BJP and contribute to the nation. This section will no more take a myopic view about selfish needs of their communities. This will also promote some social reforms within minority communities, so far blocked by their religious leaders. Christians in Goa and fast east state have already voted for the BJP in large numbers. Other minorities will soon follow the path.

– Young generation in minority communities will eventually find shame in depending on doles and “भीक ” from politicians and parties. They would prefer to stand on their own feet with their own abilities. They will find that this will earn them more respect within the society.

– Most importantly, Mr. Modi will bring a sense of discipline to our society which we severely lack. Meaning of democracy will be re-understood as “Freedom with Responsibility”.

It will take time to get traction and momentum for change and we should be patient about it. At the same time BJP should be vigilant for not loosing power in a way it did in past over a single vote. BJP needs time to do good work and should not hesitate to use साम , दंड , भेद tactics to consolidate its position and get the required time and space to bring our country back from the brink of becoming a selfish and materialistic society.

Your party has abandoned you Mr. Manmohan Singh

Sanjaya Baru’s book has lots of positive things about you. Opposition highlighted only negative aspects which was natural but surprisingly no Congressman came to your defense and spoke about your achievements in economic field or the nuclear deal. All of them were busy shielding “the family” and you were left with a sad and poor image.

You have become a liability for your party. They do not want you in election campaign while propping up Mr. Rahul Gandhi all the time. Your party men always believed that you are occupying that chair as favor and have never given you the respect of a Prime Minister. Disrespect shown by your own colleagues and party men had damaged your image even internationally to such an extent that Navaz Sherief, the prime minister of the bankrupt county of Pakistan even dared to call you a ‘village woman’ in an insulting way.

This is the price you got for your loyalty to “the family” and enduring insults from ‘family kids’ and many of your undeserving ministers. Of course your friends (?) from the party will say that as a true Congressman you did all this selflessly without any expectation. This argument has been used so many times that even you yourself will not believe it.

Talking  about loyalty the case of Mr. Somnath Chatterjee comes to my mind. He too served the country to the best of his abilities and conducted the Lok Sabha exceptionally well. However he took a principled stand against his party and as a result was thrown out of the party. But he never lowered his standards by either diluting his stand or by speaking against his party.

Mr. Chatterjee is out of Communist party or public life but must be sleeping peacefully. Can you?

Married or not Married ?

Mr. Modi’s marital status is a present day hot media topic and Congress party has desperately clutched it as they find no other issue to fight him.

It is reported that both Mr. Modi and his wife were below 18 years of age at the time of marriage. In which case their marriage under the ‘Hindu Marriage Act’ (HMA) is considered as a ‘Child Marriage’. Under HMA, child marriage is illegal (elders who perform the marriage are punishable under the law) but valid if performed. It is also voidable under the hands of either of the married partners. Neither Mr. Modi or his wife wants to nullify the marriage and are happy with the status quo. So no one can find fault with Mr. Modi’s affidavit for 2014 election where in he has declared himself as married.

Opponents of Mr. Modi can look into his previous affidavits, which is a legal matter and should be fought in court if it is still relevant. Public is really not concerned with these old affidavits.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his foot soldiers are talking about morality of the case. The moral character of Congress party is defined by likes of ND Tiwai who bred a son out of his marriage, tried his best to disown him but finally after a slap from Supreme Court had to accept him as his biological offspring. This is the moral issue which Congress party should address as Mr. Tiwari was a Congressman and remains a Congressman. Mrs. Modi has no issues wrt her marriage and no one else has a right even to speak about it in public forum.

Indian public is not bothered by marital status of Mr. Modi. But they are certainly bothered by the way Congress party and Gandhi family reduced Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to a puppet. Thus Mr. Singh was forced to take many decisions which were not in the interest of the country but in the interest of the Congress party and survival of it’s rule. This fact and many more such things are revealed in the recent book by former media adviser to Mr. Manmohan Singh. The various facts disclosed in the book reveal the pathetic work culture within the Congress led UPA government and the Congress party. When such a party wants to be re-elected, Indian public is definitely concerned. Instead of talking about non-issues like someone’s marital status Congress party should focus on how to deal with these damaging disclosures.

Who is wooing minorites ?

Congress has fallen back on its familiar strategy to woo minorities using their religious leaders. It is the realization, that in 2014 elections the party is on shaky ground, that has made congress president beg minority religious leader to vote for her party. This kind of appeal is far more dangerous to the delicate religious fabric of our society, than what was said by Mr. Amit Shah. All he said was that the people should teach a lesson to Congress party through ballot box for instigating riots. This a perfectly acceptable statement which does not cross civil boundaries and in no way comes even near to violation of any election commission guidelines.

Even after 60 years, if religious leaders of minorities do not understand that aligning with the Congress has done more harm to their communities than good, only god can help them. Congress has paid only lip service for betterment of minorities and has kept them under constant fear by fueling riots.

When sections of society do not use their own mind to determine right and wrong and depend on uneducated, backward looking, selfish religious leaders, there is little hope for them. All that the parties like Congress have to do is to cajole, coerce and control the so-called religious leaders to gain control over their communities.

Hopefully minorities someday soon will realize that it is better to control their own fate using their own judgement and participate in nation’s politics with open eyes, instead of blindly following their religious leaders.

Religious leaders have their own, limited space in the society. Most of the Hindus have realized it and have given limited role to such leaders and thus have progressed in their lives. It is time for the progressive and educated minds in other religions to realize the same.

Minority communities should realize that they cannot develop using crutches of minority quota, reservations and other such soaps. These will only make them perpetually dependent on selfish political parties and will never allow them to develop and stand on their own feet.

Right to recall – in cricket

Social media is abuzz with comments on Yuvraj Singh, cursing him for India loosing match against Sri Lanka. YS’s friends have sprang up to his defense reminding every one how he had helped to win matches in past. Both sides are equally true but what it matters now is not the past greatness of YS but his current form.

No doubt it is the poor performance of YS which cost us the match and the championship. YS has been struggling with his form for a long time. On this crucial day he was unlucky again and did not play well. But if one has to find someone responsible for losing the match it is more Dhoni than Yuvraj Singh.

When it was obvious that YS is struggling against Sri Lankan bowling attack, it was duty of Dhoni as the captain of the team to take immediate course correcting action of either recalling YS or asking him to throw his wicket. Instead Dhoni just sat in the dugout, chewing his nails, thumping his fist on his keen and making frustrated and angry faces. He miserably failed the Indian cricket fans in his duty as the captain of the team.

Yuvraj Singh may be blamed for his poor form but it is Dhoni who was ultimately responsible for losing the match and the title.

BJP: A one man show ?

Now a days Mr Modi is blamed for making BJP a one man show. The way the so-called old guards have been shown their places could be seen as a bit ruthless but when one does not listen to voices of sanity, hard measures are necessary.

Anyway if BJP has become a one man show, it is actually good for the party. Almost all successful parties are a one man/woman show. Congress has Sonia Gandhi, RJD has Lalu, SP has Mulayam Singh. These strong personalities act as a glue and hold the party together. Look what happened to RJD when Lalu was jailed and removed from the picture, the party almost disintegrated.

Mr. Modi is doing the right thing to consolidate his position in the party. It is not possible to fight with outsiders if you have enemies within. Oldies like Advani, Joshi and Jaswant Singh have made important contributions but their days are over. Everyone except them knows this, so it is time to take some hard decisions. By playing a rebellion, Jaswant Singh has ensured that his political career has finally come an end. Such will be the fate of others if they do not fall in line, irrespective of their former stature in the party.

MH370: what the chinese are so angry about?

China is repeatedly voicing its anger against Malaysia on lack of information and slow progress of investigation. While the anger and frustration of families is understandable, the Chinese government is fueling these sentiments by instigating the family members to hold rallies and storm Malaysian embassy in Beijing.

Malaysia is a small country and is doing everything it can with its limited resources to investigate the matter. As far as misinformation goes, Chinese too had played their part when they first reported satellite sighting of the plane debris which led into wasted search efforts as the images were found to be useless.

But in this situation every bit of information needs to be looked into seriously and so when initial search efforts were concentrated in wrong area, Malaysian are not to be blamed as at that time, leads were pointing in that way.

China is just playing politics over the lives of its own people who were trapped in this unfortunate plane, otherwise instead of blaming Malaysia they could have taken the investigation in their own hands and led the search efforts. World’s second largest economy and a country which has sent spacecraft to moon surely could have acted in a more pro-active way, at least when its own citizen are involved in the tragedy.

Why it is taking so long to locate MH370

It is now almost 2 weeks since the plane has vanished from the face of the earth. It seems almost impossible that in this politically active region, surveillance technologies of various countries have not tracked this plane. USA and it’s allies like Australia have a very strong surveillance network in the area which includes satellites, radars and underwater surveillance assets. These are needed to keep an eye on China and India. Can anyone believe that they have not noticed any unnatural behaviour of MH370?

These countries and even Asean countries are reluctant to share information available with them as in turn, it will expose their surveillance capabilities or in-capabilities. With an aggressive country like China, most would not like to share their sensitive data.

It is entirely possible that MH370 could have been shot down if it was found to be approaching Australia in a threatening way. This could be similar to one of the 9/11 planes which was approaching White house and supposed to have crashed in Pennsylvania due to so-called struggle between passengers and hijackers. Here too, the plane could have been shot down by US military and then they coloured and camouflaged the incident with tales of passenger bravery, struggle etc.

It was possible to reduce the area of search using Inmarsat ping data which was available for at lease seven hours. But again Inmarsat is a British company and has not shared it’s data and it’s interpretation completely.

Unfortunately Malaysia, a tiny country with limited resources and technical capabilities, is caught between these political necessities of nations and has to face anger and frustration of victim’s families.

Quality of debates on Indian television

The debate season on our television is fully on. There are debates on every channel with ‘expert’ panels and even ‘bigger (?) expert’ debate anchors.

Mostly these debates (there are one or two exceptions) look like shouting matches between the panelist or even between the anchor and panelists. On some TV channels the anchors  even insult the panel members who meekly accept the insult. This could probably because these expert panel members are paid by the channel for their time and thus to ensure that the channel keeps on inviting them they accept to participate in such meaningless and at time insulting debates.

Most of the anchors have a pre-decided conclusion of the debate and steamroll the panel in that direction. They also have a pre-decided question list which they must complete without bothering to obtain balanced views for the questions from the panel members.

The panelists are a special breed too. Many of them, especially from political parties, think that the louder they shout and the more un-civilised they behave, better it is for their position. At times these debates resemble  a school debate where kids think that louder they shout (they are seldom insulting though) more they have a chance to win the debate.

The TV channels would do a great service to their viewers (assuming that the debates are conducted for the benefit of viewers), if they would watch debate programs like ‘Dateline London’ or ‘Hard Talk’ on BBC or ‘Anderson Cooper 360″ on CNN. This will give them some insight into how to conduct a debate to ensure that it remains meaningful for viewers and does not become a platform for fulfilling agenda of either the anchor or some panel members.

The large number of  jokes circulating on the net regarding anchors and their debates are an indication that public at large too does not take these debates seriously. This is a very unfortunate situation given to the fact that TV is a very powerful medium to reach the public and build a public opinion. There  is thus an urgent need for a proper training for both anchors and panel members on first, how to conduct a debate and then how to constructively participate in it.

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