The rusted sword (Talvar) of justice

Watched the movie “Talvar” today. It is an intense, though at times fragmented, picturisation of a past event.

The fact that the producer is not known for making frivolous movies and hence would have done every possible research on the past events for making this movie, one is not only disturbed by the verdict but more so by the behaviors and attitudes of our police and premium investigative agency. The characterization of pot bellied, tobacco chewing police officer and his jocular subordinates leaves no doubt about the poor state of affairs of our law enforcers. Similarly the movies does not spare the callous way the premium investigative agency has worked. Inter departmental rivalries and hints about corruption showed it in a very poor light. If there is even some truth in what was shown then the faith public has in this agency will definitely be eroded.

At the end one feels that as much as the perpetrator/s of the crime, the callous investigative officers should also be punished severely. At least in their case there is ample proof of their casual and callous attitude which must not be tolerated.

It is also very painful to watch how insensitive the people involved with crime investigation become to a human tragedy. Their jokes, way of interacting with people and arrogant attitude is inhuman.

All in all the movie paints a frightening picture of a family caught in the web called justice delivery.


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