पांचो उंगलिया घी मे और सर कढाई मे

In line with it’s time tested strategy, USA has once again put together a show of a coalition of nations to fight the war against ISIS. Ironically many of the Arab states (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain etc) in this coalition are accused by USA itself of funding the ISIS fighters and bringing ISIS forces to their current level of competency. USA created Taliban using Pakistan, then came Al Qaeda using Saudis and now they have propped up ISIS once again using Saudis and their cronies. Looking at this history it appears that USA has a clear-cut strategy to keep the middle east in constant state of boil, thereby keeping rulers of oil rich countries on their toes and always in a state of insecurity. They thus look at USA for their survival and in return USA is assured of cheap oil and market for American goods and arms which plows oil money back into USA. US arms industry too is assured of a continuous market and has ready war like situations for testing their weapons and using local Arabs for target practice as there is no count or accountability of how many Arabs die and in whose hands, in these conflicts.

USA will continue this game till there is oil in middle east (another 2/3 decades) or till someone takes the war to USA on it’s own soil (unlikely, given to their geographic location). Meanwhile there may be some isolated terror attacks on US interests like 9/11, resulting in property damage and death of few Americans. To USA the perceived benefits of their middle east strategy far outweigh few dead Americans.

With middle east USA situation is पांचो उंगलिया घी मे और सर कढाई मे.


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