Your party has abandoned you Mr. Manmohan Singh

Sanjaya Baru’s book has lots of positive things about you. Opposition highlighted only negative aspects which was natural but surprisingly no Congressman came to your defense and spoke about your achievements in economic field or the nuclear deal. All of them were busy shielding “the family” and you were left with a sad and poor image.

You have become a liability for your party. They do not want you in election campaign while propping up Mr. Rahul Gandhi all the time. Your party men always believed that you are occupying that chair as favor and have never given you the respect of a Prime Minister. Disrespect shown by your own colleagues and party men had damaged your image even internationally to such an extent that Navaz Sherief, the prime minister of the bankrupt county of Pakistan even dared to call you a ‘village woman’ in an insulting way.

This is the price you got for your loyalty to “the family” and enduring insults from ‘family kids’ and many of your undeserving ministers. Of course your friends (?) from the party will say that as a true Congressman you did all this selflessly without any expectation. This argument has been used so many times that even you yourself will not believe it.

Talking  about loyalty the case of Mr. Somnath Chatterjee comes to my mind. He too served the country to the best of his abilities and conducted the Lok Sabha exceptionally well. However he took a principled stand against his party and as a result was thrown out of the party. But he never lowered his standards by either diluting his stand or by speaking against his party.

Mr. Chatterjee is out of Communist party or public life but must be sleeping peacefully. Can you?

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