My takeaways of election 2014

In my view some of the takeaways of election 2014 are:

– BJP is no more a pariah it was made out to be in past. Having got a nationwide acceptance including from a section of minorities, no one now can categorizes BJP as a party of a specific section of the society.

– BJP’s understanding of “Secularism” as something of an equivalent to “Nationalism” has been accepted by Indian voters. The traditional definition of Secularism – something to do with pro-minority religions does not hold water anymore.

– Mr. Modi’s style of functioning in Gujarat indicates that he will demand accountability both from politicians and bureaucrats. Bureaucrats will now work for people rather than their political masters. More time will be spent on managing jobs than people (politicians). Bureaucracy will be more efficient and more sensitive to people.

– Regional parties will not dominate center’s policies specially in areas of foreign affairs and internal/external security. Without having any power on center they too will learn the importance of team work, for development of their own states. They will be forced to pay attention to welfare of their states rather than playing politics in center for individual gains.

– BJP-Rss relationship need not be a hush-hush affair. People of India have accepted BJP with its relationship with RSS and other allied organisations and there will be no need for BJP politicians to be apologetic about it anymore.

– A new generation in Minority communities has emerged which has aspirations like rest of India and is more inclined to work with BJP and contribute to the nation. This section will no more take a myopic view about selfish needs of their communities. This will also promote some social reforms within minority communities, so far blocked by their religious leaders. Christians in Goa and fast east state have already voted for the BJP in large numbers. Other minorities will soon follow the path.

– Young generation in minority communities will eventually find shame in depending on doles and “भीक ” from politicians and parties. They would prefer to stand on their own feet with their own abilities. They will find that this will earn them more respect within the society.

– Most importantly, Mr. Modi will bring a sense of discipline to our society which we severely lack. Meaning of democracy will be re-understood as “Freedom with Responsibility”.

It will take time to get traction and momentum for change and we should be patient about it. At the same time BJP should be vigilant for not loosing power in a way it did in past over a single vote. BJP needs time to do good work and should not hesitate to use साम , दंड , भेद tactics to consolidate its position and get the required time and space to bring our country back from the brink of becoming a selfish and materialistic society.

Your party has abandoned you Mr. Manmohan Singh

Sanjaya Baru’s book has lots of positive things about you. Opposition highlighted only negative aspects which was natural but surprisingly no Congressman came to your defense and spoke about your achievements in economic field or the nuclear deal. All of them were busy shielding “the family” and you were left with a sad and poor image.

You have become a liability for your party. They do not want you in election campaign while propping up Mr. Rahul Gandhi all the time. Your party men always believed that you are occupying that chair as favor and have never given you the respect of a Prime Minister. Disrespect shown by your own colleagues and party men had damaged your image even internationally to such an extent that Navaz Sherief, the prime minister of the bankrupt county of Pakistan even dared to call you a ‘village woman’ in an insulting way.

This is the price you got for your loyalty to “the family” and enduring insults from ‘family kids’ and many of your undeserving ministers. Of course your friends (?) from the party will say that as a true Congressman you did all this selflessly without any expectation. This argument has been used so many times that even you yourself will not believe it.

Talking  about loyalty the case of Mr. Somnath Chatterjee comes to my mind. He too served the country to the best of his abilities and conducted the Lok Sabha exceptionally well. However he took a principled stand against his party and as a result was thrown out of the party. But he never lowered his standards by either diluting his stand or by speaking against his party.

Mr. Chatterjee is out of Communist party or public life but must be sleeping peacefully. Can you?

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