Married or not Married ?

Mr. Modi’s marital status is a present day hot media topic and Congress party has desperately clutched it as they find no other issue to fight him.

It is reported that both Mr. Modi and his wife were below 18 years of age at the time of marriage. In which case their marriage under the ‘Hindu Marriage Act’ (HMA) is considered as a ‘Child Marriage’. Under HMA, child marriage is illegal (elders who perform the marriage are punishable under the law) but valid if performed. It is also voidable under the hands of either of the married partners. Neither Mr. Modi or his wife wants to nullify the marriage and are happy with the status quo. So no one can find fault with Mr. Modi’s affidavit for 2014 election where in he has declared himself as married.

Opponents of Mr. Modi can look into his previous affidavits, which is a legal matter and should be fought in court if it is still relevant. Public is really not concerned with these old affidavits.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his foot soldiers are talking about morality of the case. The moral character of Congress party is defined by likes of ND Tiwai who bred a son out of his marriage, tried his best to disown him but finally after a slap from Supreme Court had to accept him as his biological offspring. This is the moral issue which Congress party should address as Mr. Tiwari was a Congressman and remains a Congressman. Mrs. Modi has no issues wrt her marriage and no one else has a right even to speak about it in public forum.

Indian public is not bothered by marital status of Mr. Modi. But they are certainly bothered by the way Congress party and Gandhi family reduced Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to a puppet. Thus Mr. Singh was forced to take many decisions which were not in the interest of the country but in the interest of the Congress party and survival of it’s rule. This fact and many more such things are revealed in the recent book by former media adviser to Mr. Manmohan Singh. The various facts disclosed in the book reveal the pathetic work culture within the Congress led UPA government and the Congress party. When such a party wants to be re-elected, Indian public is definitely concerned. Instead of talking about non-issues like someone’s marital status Congress party should focus on how to deal with these damaging disclosures.


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