Who is wooing minorites ?

Congress has fallen back on its familiar strategy to woo minorities using their religious leaders. It is the realization, that in 2014 elections the party is on shaky ground, that has made congress president beg minority religious leader to vote for her party. This kind of appeal is far more dangerous to the delicate religious fabric of our society, than what was said by Mr. Amit Shah. All he said was that the people should teach a lesson to Congress party through ballot box for instigating riots. This a perfectly acceptable statement which does not cross civil boundaries and in no way comes even near to violation of any election commission guidelines.

Even after 60 years, if religious leaders of minorities do not understand that aligning with the Congress has done more harm to their communities than good, only god can help them. Congress has paid only lip service for betterment of minorities and has kept them under constant fear by fueling riots.

When sections of society do not use their own mind to determine right and wrong and depend on uneducated, backward looking, selfish religious leaders, there is little hope for them. All that the parties like Congress have to do is to cajole, coerce and control the so-called religious leaders to gain control over their communities.

Hopefully minorities someday soon will realize that it is better to control their own fate using their own judgement and participate in nation’s politics with open eyes, instead of blindly following their religious leaders.

Religious leaders have their own, limited space in the society. Most of the Hindus have realized it and have given limited role to such leaders and thus have progressed in their lives. It is time for the progressive and educated minds in other religions to realize the same.

Minority communities should realize that they cannot develop using crutches of minority quota, reservations and other such soaps. These will only make them perpetually dependent on selfish political parties and will never allow them to develop and stand on their own feet.


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