Right to recall – in cricket

Social media is abuzz with comments on Yuvraj Singh, cursing him for India loosing match against Sri Lanka. YS’s friends have sprang up to his defense reminding every one how he had helped to win matches in past. Both sides are equally true but what it matters now is not the past greatness of YS but his current form.

No doubt it is the poor performance of YS which cost us the match and the championship. YS has been struggling with his form for a long time. On this crucial day he was unlucky again and did not play well. But if one has to find someone responsible for losing the match it is more Dhoni than Yuvraj Singh.

When it was obvious that YS is struggling against Sri Lankan bowling attack, it was duty of Dhoni as the captain of the team to take immediate course correcting action of either recalling YS or asking him to throw his wicket. Instead Dhoni just sat in the dugout, chewing his nails, thumping his fist on his keen and making frustrated and angry faces. He miserably failed the Indian cricket fans in his duty as the captain of the team.

Yuvraj Singh may be blamed for his poor form but it is Dhoni who was ultimately responsible for losing the match and the title.


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