Beat the Heat

Indian Summer not only brings heat but also a lot of ailments. It is possible to fight these ailments using Homeopathy. Some of the most common problems during Summer period are:

HEAT EXHAUSTION- Elevated core temperature associated with hyperventilation and symptoms of tiredness , fatigue , muscular weakness , dizziness and collapse .

HEAT CRAMPS – Painful muscle cramps occur most commonly in the legs of young people following vigorous exercise in hot weather.

HEAT RASH – Skin redness , dryness , irritation from excess sweating .

PRICKLY HEAT  – Iitching eruption of the skin due to blockage of sweat ducts




Following are useful homoeopathic remedies for these summer ailments:

HEAT EXHAUSTION – Antimony crude , Gelsemium , Natrum carb , Selenium , Lachesis , Nux mosch .

HEAT CRAMPS – Colocyinth , Cuprum met , Gelsemium , Belladonna , Natrum mur , China .

HEAT RASH –  Kali bich , Ledum pal

PRICKLY HEAT – Acon , Bry , Jaborandi , Ammonium mur , Arsenicum album , Ledum pal , Syzigium , Urtica urens .

CONJUNCTIVITIS – Acon , Bell , Ferrum phos , Puls , Kali bich , Natrum mur , Calcarea carb , Nux vomica

DYSPEPSIA IN SUMMER – Antimony crude , Bryonia , Lycopodium .

SUN HEADACHE -Gels , Glon , Natrum carb , Bell , Kali bich , Lach , Antimony crude , Bry , Calcarea carb .

VERTIGO  – Acon , Agar , Bell , Natrum carb , Nux vomica .

OFFENSIVE PERSPIRATION  – Lycopodium , Nux vomica , Pulsatilla , Graphites

There are a number of medicines listed against each ailment because unlike Allopathy, Homeopathy does not have targeted medication for a decease. Homeopathic medication, in addition to decease symptoms also heavily depends on person’s constitution. The above list is a short list of possible remedies from thousands of available remedies. On can hone in on a specific remedy from this list based on his / her personality, constitution and other symptoms using homeopathy self-help guide books.


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