MH370: what the chinese are so angry about?

China is repeatedly voicing its anger against Malaysia on lack of information and slow progress of investigation. While the anger and frustration of families is understandable, the Chinese government is fueling these sentiments by instigating the family members to hold rallies and storm Malaysian embassy in Beijing.

Malaysia is a small country and is doing everything it can with its limited resources to investigate the matter. As far as misinformation goes, Chinese too had played their part when they first reported satellite sighting of the plane debris which led into wasted search efforts as the images were found to be useless.

But in this situation every bit of information needs to be looked into seriously and so when initial search efforts were concentrated in wrong area, Malaysian are not to be blamed as at that time, leads were pointing in that way.

China is just playing politics over the lives of its own people who were trapped in this unfortunate plane, otherwise instead of blaming Malaysia they could have taken the investigation in their own hands and led the search efforts. World’s second largest economy and a country which has sent spacecraft to moon surely could have acted in a more pro-active way, at least when its own citizen are involved in the tragedy.


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