BJP: A one man show ?

Now a days Mr Modi is blamed for making BJP a one man show. The way the so-called old guards have been shown their places could be seen as a bit ruthless but when one does not listen to voices of sanity, hard measures are necessary.

Anyway if BJP has become a one man show, it is actually good for the party. Almost all successful parties are a one man/woman show. Congress has Sonia Gandhi, RJD has Lalu, SP has Mulayam Singh. These strong personalities act as a glue and hold the party together. Look what happened to RJD when Lalu was jailed and removed from the picture, the party almost disintegrated.

Mr. Modi is doing the right thing to consolidate his position in the party. It is not possible to fight with outsiders if you have enemies within. Oldies like Advani, Joshi and Jaswant Singh have made important contributions but their days are over. Everyone except them knows this, so it is time to take some hard decisions. By playing a rebellion, Jaswant Singh has ensured that his political career has finally come an end. Such will be the fate of others if they do not fall in line, irrespective of their former stature in the party.


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