Why it is taking so long to locate MH370

It is now almost 2 weeks since the plane has vanished from the face of the earth. It seems almost impossible that in this politically active region, surveillance technologies of various countries have not tracked this plane. USA and it’s allies like Australia have a very strong surveillance network in the area which includes satellites, radars and underwater surveillance assets. These are needed to keep an eye on China and India. Can anyone believe that they have not noticed any unnatural behaviour of MH370?

These countries and even Asean countries are reluctant to share information available with them as in turn, it will expose their surveillance capabilities or in-capabilities. With an aggressive country like China, most would not like to share their sensitive data.

It is entirely possible that MH370 could have been shot down if it was found to be approaching Australia in a threatening way. This could be similar to one of the 9/11 planes which was approaching White house and supposed to have crashed in Pennsylvania due to so-called struggle between passengers and hijackers. Here too, the plane could have been shot down by US military and then they coloured and camouflaged the incident with tales of passenger bravery, struggle etc.

It was possible to reduce the area of search using Inmarsat ping data which was available for at lease seven hours. But again Inmarsat is a British company and has not shared it’s data and it’s interpretation completely.

Unfortunately Malaysia, a tiny country with limited resources and technical capabilities, is caught between these political necessities of nations and has to face anger and frustration of victim’s families.


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