Russia and USA (and it’s European stooges)

The entire western media tried to downplay the success of winter Olympics held at Sochi Russia. They tried their level best to create a fear psychosis by devising imaginary stories about terrorist threats and repeatedly painted a picture of poor facilities at the games. In the end however they grudgingly had to accept the success of the games.

They have now launched a similar propaganda drive regarding the Ukraine situation. Hillary Clinton recently compared Putin with Hitler stating that his actions of putting Russian forces inside Crimea on the pretext of protecting the lives of the 60% Russian speaking population there are similar to what Hitler did in 1930s. She conveniently forgets that by giving exactly similar reasons and creating a false threat perception of (non existing) Iraqi WMDs, USA invaded that country and left it in a mess after decades of looting it.

The only difference this time is they have to deal with Russia. After antagonizing Russia while USA can watch the fun from a distance, European countries cannot. France has deep business links with Russia on defense matters, Germany depends on them for gas and Britain has selfish economic interests. And no country including USA can take any military action against Russia, like they did with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Western countries cannot threaten Russian in any meaningful manner as they need its support over many other matters like Syria, Iran and North Korea. Moreover Russia with its oil and gas wealth is no more a poor country it was during the Brezhnev era.

Only spine-less countries like India, can tolerate enemies at their border. Russia is a different ball game and it will have its way with Ukraine like it had with Georgia and Chechnya.


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