Are our defense forces equipped to do their job?

First the MIG21s, dreadfully called the flying coffins and now accident prone submarines! What is the state of our defense readiness? I wonder if there are dud missiles/ammunitions, rusted and useless field guns and likes hidden in our army’s cupboard too?

Admiral Joshi has resigned taking the moral responsibility. He has done the right thing but is it enough? By resigning he has claimed the moral high ground but what about his responsibility for not taking timely or effective corrective actions. Or what about similar responsibilities of other service chiefs, of Army and Airforce? A leader is not only answerable for the final results but also has full responsibility for sustainability of the organisation under his control. Have our service chiefs fulfilled this responsibility during their tenure? Why non of the service chiefs have thought of resignation on the issue of their inability to prevail upon government to improve safety and effectiveness of equipment under their control?

We all know the worth of politicians in our country and utter disregard they have for the lives of our brave soldiers but our service chiefs? They surely must have some feeling for their own men who get killed due to faulty equipment, poor maintenance and spare part quality? Unfortunately the non action by our senior defense officers does not speak well about their commitment to men under their command.

There is a media clamour about the need for resignation of the defense minister. Even if this comes through, though highly unlikely, it will be a useless gesture as another politician will occupy the chair and the game will just go on.

The situation can only improve if our service chiefs unite and speak in one voice and press government to take immediate remedial actions. Do we expect our soldiers to win wars with junk equipment while our politicians and bureaucrats collude to get more and more freebies and benefits for themselves? If our borders are not secure, non of the social welfare schemes like ‘food security’ or ‘right to education’ will have any meaning.


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