Beat the Heat

Indian Summer not only brings heat but also a lot of ailments. It is possible to fight these ailments using Homeopathy. Some of the most common problems during Summer period are:

HEAT EXHAUSTION- Elevated core temperature associated with hyperventilation and symptoms of tiredness , fatigue , muscular weakness , dizziness and collapse .

HEAT CRAMPS – Painful muscle cramps occur most commonly in the legs of young people following vigorous exercise in hot weather.

HEAT RASH – Skin redness , dryness , irritation from excess sweating .

PRICKLY HEAT  – Iitching eruption of the skin due to blockage of sweat ducts




Following are useful homoeopathic remedies for these summer ailments:

HEAT EXHAUSTION – Antimony crude , Gelsemium , Natrum carb , Selenium , Lachesis , Nux mosch .

HEAT CRAMPS – Colocyinth , Cuprum met , Gelsemium , Belladonna , Natrum mur , China .

HEAT RASH –  Kali bich , Ledum pal

PRICKLY HEAT – Acon , Bry , Jaborandi , Ammonium mur , Arsenicum album , Ledum pal , Syzigium , Urtica urens .

CONJUNCTIVITIS – Acon , Bell , Ferrum phos , Puls , Kali bich , Natrum mur , Calcarea carb , Nux vomica

DYSPEPSIA IN SUMMER – Antimony crude , Bryonia , Lycopodium .

SUN HEADACHE -Gels , Glon , Natrum carb , Bell , Kali bich , Lach , Antimony crude , Bry , Calcarea carb .

VERTIGO  – Acon , Agar , Bell , Natrum carb , Nux vomica .

OFFENSIVE PERSPIRATION  – Lycopodium , Nux vomica , Pulsatilla , Graphites

There are a number of medicines listed against each ailment because unlike Allopathy, Homeopathy does not have targeted medication for a decease. Homeopathic medication, in addition to decease symptoms also heavily depends on person’s constitution. The above list is a short list of possible remedies from thousands of available remedies. On can hone in on a specific remedy from this list based on his / her personality, constitution and other symptoms using homeopathy self-help guide books.


BJP: A one man show ?

Now a days Mr Modi is blamed for making BJP a one man show. The way the so-called old guards have been shown their places could be seen as a bit ruthless but when one does not listen to voices of sanity, hard measures are necessary.

Anyway if BJP has become a one man show, it is actually good for the party. Almost all successful parties are a one man/woman show. Congress has Sonia Gandhi, RJD has Lalu, SP has Mulayam Singh. These strong personalities act as a glue and hold the party together. Look what happened to RJD when Lalu was jailed and removed from the picture, the party almost disintegrated.

Mr. Modi is doing the right thing to consolidate his position in the party. It is not possible to fight with outsiders if you have enemies within. Oldies like Advani, Joshi and Jaswant Singh have made important contributions but their days are over. Everyone except them knows this, so it is time to take some hard decisions. By playing a rebellion, Jaswant Singh has ensured that his political career has finally come an end. Such will be the fate of others if they do not fall in line, irrespective of their former stature in the party.

MH370: what the chinese are so angry about?

China is repeatedly voicing its anger against Malaysia on lack of information and slow progress of investigation. While the anger and frustration of families is understandable, the Chinese government is fueling these sentiments by instigating the family members to hold rallies and storm Malaysian embassy in Beijing.

Malaysia is a small country and is doing everything it can with its limited resources to investigate the matter. As far as misinformation goes, Chinese too had played their part when they first reported satellite sighting of the plane debris which led into wasted search efforts as the images were found to be useless.

But in this situation every bit of information needs to be looked into seriously and so when initial search efforts were concentrated in wrong area, Malaysian are not to be blamed as at that time, leads were pointing in that way.

China is just playing politics over the lives of its own people who were trapped in this unfortunate plane, otherwise instead of blaming Malaysia they could have taken the investigation in their own hands and led the search efforts. World’s second largest economy and a country which has sent spacecraft to moon surely could have acted in a more pro-active way, at least when its own citizen are involved in the tragedy.

Why it is taking so long to locate MH370

It is now almost 2 weeks since the plane has vanished from the face of the earth. It seems almost impossible that in this politically active region, surveillance technologies of various countries have not tracked this plane. USA and it’s allies like Australia have a very strong surveillance network in the area which includes satellites, radars and underwater surveillance assets. These are needed to keep an eye on China and India. Can anyone believe that they have not noticed any unnatural behaviour of MH370?

These countries and even Asean countries are reluctant to share information available with them as in turn, it will expose their surveillance capabilities or in-capabilities. With an aggressive country like China, most would not like to share their sensitive data.

It is entirely possible that MH370 could have been shot down if it was found to be approaching Australia in a threatening way. This could be similar to one of the 9/11 planes which was approaching White house and supposed to have crashed in Pennsylvania due to so-called struggle between passengers and hijackers. Here too, the plane could have been shot down by US military and then they coloured and camouflaged the incident with tales of passenger bravery, struggle etc.

It was possible to reduce the area of search using Inmarsat ping data which was available for at lease seven hours. But again Inmarsat is a British company and has not shared it’s data and it’s interpretation completely.

Unfortunately Malaysia, a tiny country with limited resources and technical capabilities, is caught between these political necessities of nations and has to face anger and frustration of victim’s families.

Quality of debates on Indian television

The debate season on our television is fully on. There are debates on every channel with ‘expert’ panels and even ‘bigger (?) expert’ debate anchors.

Mostly these debates (there are one or two exceptions) look like shouting matches between the panelist or even between the anchor and panelists. On some TV channels the anchors  even insult the panel members who meekly accept the insult. This could probably because these expert panel members are paid by the channel for their time and thus to ensure that the channel keeps on inviting them they accept to participate in such meaningless and at time insulting debates.

Most of the anchors have a pre-decided conclusion of the debate and steamroll the panel in that direction. They also have a pre-decided question list which they must complete without bothering to obtain balanced views for the questions from the panel members.

The panelists are a special breed too. Many of them, especially from political parties, think that the louder they shout and the more un-civilised they behave, better it is for their position. At times these debates resemble  a school debate where kids think that louder they shout (they are seldom insulting though) more they have a chance to win the debate.

The TV channels would do a great service to their viewers (assuming that the debates are conducted for the benefit of viewers), if they would watch debate programs like ‘Dateline London’ or ‘Hard Talk’ on BBC or ‘Anderson Cooper 360″ on CNN. This will give them some insight into how to conduct a debate to ensure that it remains meaningful for viewers and does not become a platform for fulfilling agenda of either the anchor or some panel members.

The large number of  jokes circulating on the net regarding anchors and their debates are an indication that public at large too does not take these debates seriously. This is a very unfortunate situation given to the fact that TV is a very powerful medium to reach the public and build a public opinion. There  is thus an urgent need for a proper training for both anchors and panel members on first, how to conduct a debate and then how to constructively participate in it.

Russia and USA (and it’s European stooges)

The entire western media tried to downplay the success of winter Olympics held at Sochi Russia. They tried their level best to create a fear psychosis by devising imaginary stories about terrorist threats and repeatedly painted a picture of poor facilities at the games. In the end however they grudgingly had to accept the success of the games.

They have now launched a similar propaganda drive regarding the Ukraine situation. Hillary Clinton recently compared Putin with Hitler stating that his actions of putting Russian forces inside Crimea on the pretext of protecting the lives of the 60% Russian speaking population there are similar to what Hitler did in 1930s. She conveniently forgets that by giving exactly similar reasons and creating a false threat perception of (non existing) Iraqi WMDs, USA invaded that country and left it in a mess after decades of looting it.

The only difference this time is they have to deal with Russia. After antagonizing Russia while USA can watch the fun from a distance, European countries cannot. France has deep business links with Russia on defense matters, Germany depends on them for gas and Britain has selfish economic interests. And no country including USA can take any military action against Russia, like they did with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Western countries cannot threaten Russian in any meaningful manner as they need its support over many other matters like Syria, Iran and North Korea. Moreover Russia with its oil and gas wealth is no more a poor country it was during the Brezhnev era.

Only spine-less countries like India, can tolerate enemies at their border. Russia is a different ball game and it will have its way with Ukraine like it had with Georgia and Chechnya.

Are our defense forces equipped to do their job?

First the MIG21s, dreadfully called the flying coffins and now accident prone submarines! What is the state of our defense readiness? I wonder if there are dud missiles/ammunitions, rusted and useless field guns and likes hidden in our army’s cupboard too?

Admiral Joshi has resigned taking the moral responsibility. He has done the right thing but is it enough? By resigning he has claimed the moral high ground but what about his responsibility for not taking timely or effective corrective actions. Or what about similar responsibilities of other service chiefs, of Army and Airforce? A leader is not only answerable for the final results but also has full responsibility for sustainability of the organisation under his control. Have our service chiefs fulfilled this responsibility during their tenure? Why non of the service chiefs have thought of resignation on the issue of their inability to prevail upon government to improve safety and effectiveness of equipment under their control?

We all know the worth of politicians in our country and utter disregard they have for the lives of our brave soldiers but our service chiefs? They surely must have some feeling for their own men who get killed due to faulty equipment, poor maintenance and spare part quality? Unfortunately the non action by our senior defense officers does not speak well about their commitment to men under their command.

There is a media clamour about the need for resignation of the defense minister. Even if this comes through, though highly unlikely, it will be a useless gesture as another politician will occupy the chair and the game will just go on.

The situation can only improve if our service chiefs unite and speak in one voice and press government to take immediate remedial actions. Do we expect our soldiers to win wars with junk equipment while our politicians and bureaucrats collude to get more and more freebies and benefits for themselves? If our borders are not secure, non of the social welfare schemes like ‘food security’ or ‘right to education’ will have any meaning.

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