Why speakers of both houses act in subservient way ?

Conduct of speakers of both the houses is simply disgusting. They have no respect of MPs and all they do is to keep on begging for order in houses.

Why this happens? Do speakers have no authority? Do they need permission from  someone to do their job?

Not at all. Speakers of both houses have all the authority they need to conduct the houses in an orderly, disciplined manner. They can even take steps to throw out unruly members using house marshals and they can dis-qualify members.

But they do not take any of these steps. The reason, they have political aspirations of becoming President, Vice President or occupying other high offices once they retire and for that they need support from members of the houses from all parties. This is the root cause of the problem which leads to their acceptance of obnoxious behavior of MPs, making it almost acceptable norm of both the houses.

The example of Mr. Hamid Ansari, the current RS speaker is well known. Opposition parties foiled his presidential ambitions citing his partisan behavior during Lokpal debate. This can and will happen with others in future and hence the possibility of such aspirations has to be nipped in the bud by law.

In many countries speakers are banned from accepting any political position post their retirement and so they are under no obligation to tolerate bad behavior from MPs. If people occupying high offices in our country do not have guts to do their job properly and are themselves looking for favors to meet their selfish interests, we too need tough laws like other countries.

Seldom there is a person like Mr. Somnath Chatterjee, who does justice to the post of speaker of the house without fear or wanting favors.   We need many more such people and till the time we find them and have to live with mediocre, subservient people to fill these posts, we need laws to make them accountable and prevent their misuse of the post to fulfill their personal ambitions.


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