Gutter culture of our elected representatives

One of our elected reps carried a knife and a pepper spray in Parliament today. Fortunately the guy used only the pepper spray creating some discomfort to fellow MPs and not his knife otherwise we could have a situation of a few fatalities in Parliament today, which even Pakistani terrorists during their attack on parliament could not achieve!

Pepper sprays and knives are terrorist weapons which are expressly banned even in aircrafts but who will stop our MPs from carrying them, after all they are special and privileged people!

This is a complete failure of democratic system in our country, a system which is constantly touted as something great and unique. Our elected representative are  infested with criminals and their ways have been amply demonstrated time and again and today’s case is just another face of them.

This also a complete failure of the speaker of the house. In fact when one looks at the way speakers of both the houses conduct themselves one cannot help but to remember  beggars at signals or temples. Both speakers being ruling party puppets, have no control or ability to control unruly members. Mr. Somnath Chatterjee was the only speaker in recent times who had shown some spine and self respect and controlled the parliament in a meaningful way.

MPs and MLAs are always at the forefront to demand more and more facilities and doles for themselves. Where are any rules to demand expected work from them? Why are they allowed to disrupt parliament and waste people’s money? Why there is no disciplinary action against them? In fact why there are any special rules for them at all? Rather than getting special treatment on all fronts, these guys should be subjected to separate penal code which punishes them far more severely than a common man for similar crimes because they occupy position of influence and power.

Once they get elected, they consider the 5 year period as time to rampantly use and abuse power vested in them. Even if they are defeated after their tenure, a 5 years time is sufficient to make enough money to last a few generations! Obviously this system is not working in people’s favour and now time has come for people to find out other ways for themselves to ensure that the elected reps behave and do their job. Or else ………..what?

This needs to be answered by the youth of the country who is now becoming a major force cutting across party lines.


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