Chai Pe Charcha

untitledMr. Modi has launched this program yesterday, demonstrating to the nation how modern technology can be cost effectively used to connect with people. As things progress, this program will become increasingly error free and sleek. Skeptics of Mr. Modi will talk about the ‘kharcha’ for this program and that it is merely a gimmick to fool people. If this initiative connects Mr. Modi to rural India even to a small extent all the ‘Kharcha’ for the program will be justified.

While campaigning through social networking might have worked in USA for Mr. Obama, in our country due to limited penetration of internet, it’s effectively is doubtful. But television and mobile phone technology have deeply penetrated our country and a campaign based on these two technologies will help connection with a very large population especially in rural areas at  a reasonable cost.

Since the program is about connecting with common man, there is no point in talking about big policies like how to tackle inflation, global warming, foreign relations etc. What will connect with people is a dialog by Mr. Modi on their day-to-day problems. Mr. Modi apparently has prepared himself well on these lines as his response to one of the questions on ‘whether policies of our nation’s great leader like Shivaji, Toradmal can work today.’, demonstrated. His response was very balanced and spoken in a manner which a common man can understand and relate to.

AAP could connect with Delhi people not by talking about national policies but local issues and that is how people will get attracted to a party or a personality. Of course Lok Sabha constituencies are far bigger than Vidhan Sabha and hence one cannot have that close relationship with all the electorates but one can always address common local issues like local corruption, in-discipline, price rise, eduction, health care etc.

Mr. Modi has brought a fresh breeze of novel campaigning style which other leader of BJP should learn fast otherwise they will continue to be left in shadows and people will loose interst in them.

After many yeras BJP has found in Mr. Modi a leader with great people connection abilities, who can effectively use technology and who even after 12 years of chief ministership can still talk to people in their own style and as a common man.


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