USA warming up to Mr. Modi ?

From the latest news circulating around Mr. Modi, it appears that USA has finally joined the line to appease Mr. Modi. This is after EU and Britain had a convenient  amnesia about their stand against Mr. Modi and lined up to mend relations with him.

Mr. Modi has never needed a visa for USA. If business community in USA smells business potential in Modi’s India, their country will roll out the red carpet to him. As far as connecting with his audience in the USA is concerned, Mr. Modi has effectively done so using technology, sitting right here in India.. So by making this gesture of warming up to Mr. Modi, USA has only shown that it is their need to be on the right side of the person who is expected to win the 2014 elections.

While The British, Europeans and Americans are going gung ho about Mr. Modi, we must not forget that these countries had put India on long years of sanctions after Pokharan atomic tests and have consistently supported Pakistan over India. All they are now doing is to show to the world where they expect the future seat of power will be. And it will not take them even a blink of an eye to reverse their stand wrt Mr. Modi in future, if things turn out to be different.

BJP and Mr. Modi has rightly responded – by not treating this move by USA as anything special.


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