Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his first TV interview

Finally BJP has succeeded in it’s strategy to draw out Mr. Rahul Gandhi and made him face tough questions from the media. More than how Mr. Gandhi fared in the interview, BJP’s success lies in building up constant pressure on congress party, which so far has been shielding Mr. Gandhi from media glare, to throw caution to the wind and put Mr. Gandhi to a task for which he was ill prepared. Now congressmen must be feeling that Mr. Mum-mohan Singh (or Maun-mohan Singh) did a far better job by keeping maun vrat and not facing media than a blundering Mr. Gandhi.

Another favour Mr. Gandhi did to BJP was to bring the issue of 1984 riots out in open. For whatever reason BJP or even Akali Dal did not rise this issue while taking constant falk from congress and other parties over 2002 riots. Now the table has turned and congress party is busy defending itself over the issue of shielding congressmen involved in fomenting rioters.

All congress bolbachhans like Aiyers, Choudharies and Singhs have vanished from TV screens and once again thanks goes to Mr. Rahul Gandhi and this time from we the people.

One thing definitely goes for Mr. Gandhi. It is very easy to have a monologue in news media when you are not questioned on your views but it is definitely tough to face live interview. Mr. Rahul Gandhi has shown this courage which many seasoned politicians will not be willing to emulate (may be that is why they are called ‘seasoned’).

BJP in all honesty should extend thanks to Mr. Rahul Gandhi for all his help!!


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