Devayani Khobragade issue on CNN

CNN TV channel, the demigod of USA, did a segment on Devyani issue in their popular program called “Piers Morgan Live” today. CNN or FOX News like TV channels are openion makers in USA and discussion of Devayani issue is an acknowlement of the fact that finally this issue getting registered in their minds.

Indian response so far is quite measured but still somewhat subdued. Removing barriers from the road leading to USA embassy in Delhi is by far the most visual part of it. We must pursue this matter further with much stronger response.

USA has subjected one of our female diplomats to a body/cavity search, has put handcuffs on her and jailed her with criminals like drug addicts and rapists. And what was her crime ? She was accused to have paid to her Indian maid a salary less that minimum wage of USA. As per USA standards the minimum wage works out to be S4500r while the salary of the diplomat is $4200. So she was supposed to pay her maid, a salary more than what she earns as a diplomat! For this crime (!) she has been jailed and fined! In past also USA had subjected our citizens to humiliation. They did not spare our past president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and then defense minister Late Mr. George Fernandez. India at every such instance in past had responded meekly and subserviently.

There is no need for the clamor of USA having done anything lawfully wrong, if a law of their land was violated in someway. They are treating this issue as a law enforcement issue and we must respond to it in like manner. First India must payoff whatever money USA wants out of this issue and get the thing over with. Simultaneously we must enforce our laws of land on USA citizens in India. One example of issuing visas to homosexual partners (companions) of USA diplomats working in India. As per our law of land homosexuality is a crime and we must revoke visas of all such individuals immediately and deport them forthwith. After all USA being a law abiding nation should welcome this step !

Ms Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State. during her recent trip to India and interview to a local TV channel had admitted that post 123 agreement, there has been marked increase in cooperation between Indian and USA in technology and defense areas (read the meaning of word ‘cooperation’ as business). In these business transactions India gets goods and USA gets Dollars and jobs for their citizens in their country. We should take a hard look at all these “areas of cooperation”, find alternate markets in Europe and Russia. In today’s state of world economy every single country is hungry for money and jobs.

We must continue our pressure on USA with strong and lawful counter actions.


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