Aam Admi Party – New kingmaker in Delhi

By not giving majority to AAP and bringing BJP close to half way mark, people of Delhi have done a favor to themselves. During the campaign for Janlokpal, the conduct of people now in AAP, has proved that they are not yet ready to play an effective role in the field of politics, which needs something more than idealism. While it was understandable for people like Ramdev Baba, to get fooled by Congress maneuvers, it was utterly surprising that eminent lawyer like Prashant Bhushan, IAS and IPS officers like Kesariwal and Kiran Bedi  could not handle the dirty politics of Congress which ultimately let into deflation of the Janlokpal movement.

It is best for AAP to get the experience of administration and politics by sitting in opposition. This way they get to learn ropes and at the same time, not having power themselves, get shielded from the all the ills the power brings to people, especially when they are not used to it in the first place.

AAP says that they played on regional issues of Delhi and hence were primarily fighting the inept and corrupt rule of congress and it is anger of people against congress rule which got them so many seats. Given to this position it should not be be difficult for AAP to support a non-congress government formed by BJP and provide  an issue based support. This way they do not get blamed for being a roadblock in government formation leading to repeat elections but at the same time can exert some positive influence on the BJP government to ensure that it provides a clean, corruption free administration. This is a win-win situation for all, especially people of Delhi.

It was a nice experience to watch Mr. Yogendra Yadav, AAP spokesperson on NDTV channel today. He came out as a level headed, honest person. His public posturing today was to sit in opposition as AAP does not have numbers. Hope in private AAP takes a more practical view and helps Delhiites to get a clean, efficient and corruption free government.

In parties like AAP which have born out of issue based public movements, it is always a danger that there are too many cooks, to many people who think themselves as leaders, experts and spokespersons leading to diverse and conflicting positions, creating confusion among public. Consider how the flip-flops done by Mr. Anna Hazare have irreparably damaged his image – to an extend that public is not able to take him seriously anymore. Hope AAP does better on this front


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