How long should we subsidize J&K government?

Since independence, Central government has been providing support to J&K government in the form of special subsidies and financial assistance, which far exceeds any such assistance given to any other Indian state. An article “370-an-objective-appraisal” ( points out the following fact:

“It’s worth noting that the per-capita subsidy provided to J&K is 16 times more than West Bengal and 12 times more than Bihar. Allocation of financial resources for the Kashmir valley varies between 65-69 percent, whereas both Jammu and Ladakh divisions put together get about 31-35 percent. J&K also gets special employment packages and prime ministers packages regularly but there is no accountability as none of this information is made public or is available under J&K’s RTI Act.”

What the Indian state has received in return? Constant bickering, threats of terrorism and voices to either be independent or merge with another bankrupt country like Pakistan. Forget what people and governments of J&K have done for the rest of the country, they have not been able to help themselves. Their tourist industry is in ruins, revenue from film shootings has all but gone, they have not been able to market their produce be it eatables or articles like shawls and carpets. They only want more and more aid, then turn back, and curse the aid givers.

It is now time to teach people of J&K some lessons in reality. We need to tell them that there are no free lunches. Basically  there is an urgent need to discipline the state. They have abused the shelter provided by article 370 and there is a need to bring the state at par with other states of the Indian Union in terms of laws, rights and responsibilities.

But do our politicians have a will and guts to do so? Can they rise above the petty politics of appeasement? If they are not, then it is time for we, the people of India to throw such politicians and their parties out of power. We have suffered too long; our Kashmiri brothers and sisters have suffered too long and have become homeless in their own country. Now is the time for the country to act and help J&K to get the respectable status it deserves by being able to stand on it’s own feet and become the jewel of the country it was many years back.


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