How to use technology to preserve your important documents

With easy availability of internet and a plethora of free to use softwares and other net based technologies it is possible and hence highly advisable to preserve your important documents. The other goal is to have them available any time, any where as long as you have access to internet.

Some of the documents which are commonly required are PAN card, Election card, Driving license, Adhaar Card, Insurance Policies, Birth / Death / Domiciliary certificates etc.

The idea is to scan these documents and convert them to either image files or PDF files. These files are then uploaded on free net based cloud services like Google drive or Drop box. Once this is accomplished you can access these documents with an internet connection, download them or print them.

Cloud based services give you free storage space on their servers. The size of free space is between 5 and 7 GB which is more than sufficient to store a whole lot of your documents.

Storing documents on cloud services could pose security issue as theoretically anyone who has access to the cloud gets access to your documents (access to cloud itself is restricted by password protection). To take care of this aspect we add a second layer of  security to our documents. Prior to uploading to cloud, we encrypt our scanned documents with encryption software, again freely available on the web. The encrypted files cannot be accessed without the password which you have assigned to them at the time of creation.

Once this is done your documents will remain in the cloud storage as long as you want and will be available to you 24×7 with an internet connection.

Summary of these simple steps is:

a)  Storing document on cloud
Identify document -> Scan to PDF or image file -> Encrypt the scanned file -> Upload encrypted document to the cloud service.

b) Accessing document on cloud
Open your cloud service account -> open the required document using your password

Some of the free resources available on internet are:

Cloud storage providers:
1) Dropbox –
2) Google drive –
Encryption software – Axcrypt download from


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