Has USA become a killing machine for Pakistan?

USA has recently killed the head of Pakistani Taliban in a drone attack. They earlier had killed Osama Bin Laden in the heart of Pakistan. It is a brilliant game played by Pakistan. They have engaged USA as their contract killer to eliminate characters who become a liability. Pakistanis then sheds crocodile tears to gain sympathy from domestic public and prevent wrath of other terrorists rampantly operating in their country. They also curse USA for abusing their sovereign rights etc which helps them maintain pressure on USA for continuous supply of money and arms. USA on the other hand keeps on gloating about having killed some terrorists but at the same time looses it’s popularity with Pakistani population and takes all the blame from the remaining terrorists which helps Pakistan to continue with this game.

This plan devised by Pakistan ensure them continuous supply of US dollars and arms and sympathies of other liberal countries of Europe. It is a  brilliant  but risky strategy in which Pakistan has become an expert.

There is little doubt that Pakistan provides vital inputs about terrorists to USA to get them killed. Pakistan has managed to play this double game for a very long time and has so far got away with it. They even do not mind killing of innocent civilians in the process as it gives Pakistani military and intelligence forces an opportunity to extract some more US dollars in the name of ‘blood money’. The home grown terrorists are a kind of money making machine for Pakistan. By posing a threat to USA, they become US targets and at appropriate time Pakistan reveals their locations to USA to get them killed and score brownie points with USA.

Successive US governments have allowed this game to go on unabetted. What kind of blackmailing or corrupting power does Pakistan has over US government officials is not clear but what is clear that without it, it will not be possible to manipulate world’s only superpower for this long.


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