Would China be a better friend of India than USA?

I am not a fan of China, in fact I have considered this country as our no. 1 enemy because unlike Pakistan, which has a nuisance value, China is a real threat to us. However China is also a pragmatic country. It mended it’s relations with USA an ideologically diametrically opposite country (is was at least at time when this relationship started). They did this when they found that the relationship has huge benefits to them. In the process today China has not only become the largest business partner of USA but their biggest creditor.

China has surpassed Japan as no. 2 economy of the world. They have advanced technologically to such an extent that they are rivaling Europeans in many complex technological areas including Space exploration and Defense equipment production which include fighter aircrafts and missile defense systems.

India and China started at the same time travelling the growth path. But look at the difference between us now. It is huge and to the advantage of China.

Consider China-Pak relations. What China gains out of them? Nothing except the nuisance Pakistan creates for us which is valued by Chinese only because they consider us as their rivals and want us to be bogged down by this constant irritation called Pakistan. Beyond this there is nothing in the China-Pak relations. Pakistan is a begging nation living on largess of China, USA and Saudis and will forever remain so. Why any country will be interested in having relationship with such a failed state if there is other better alternative available? Indian can provide this alternative to China.

Once we convince China that we have no global ambitions and are content to play a regional role, the main thorny issue is taken care of. There are many advantages in teaming up with China for both the countries. A combined 2.5 Billion size of population itself is a huge economic block which surpasses all other economic cooperation areas like EU, Asean etc. We may be proud of our democracy but it has not done us great in past 60 years. We can still have this system as it has many other advantages but it should not stop us from building a close relationship with China. Their political system is their business and we should not poke our nose un-necessarily in other nations affairs.

May be in the long run China will prove a better friend to us than USA who has always tried to equal us with Pakistan and has a major role in making Pakistan a rogue nation. Pakistan has used US supplied arms to fight with India and has used US supplied money to fund terrorists. Is this an indication of USA being a good friend of India?

May be time has come to a take a fresh look at our friends and foes.


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