Bomb blasts at Patna

That there is a bad blood between Bihar JD government and BJP is a well known fact. But the animosity would go to such an extent that Bihar government would purposely ignore very specific security warning by IB about this terrorist act is some thing beyond comprehension.

On the top of it Birhar CM brazenly lied on TV stating that they had absolutely no clue about this act. This further confirms the ill intentions of Bihar government towards BJP and particularly Narendra Modi.

The fact that only (word ‘only’ has been used purely to indicate comparison) 5 people have lost their lives is no credit to Birah security apparatus. Considering the brazenness of this act, it would have been easily possible for the terrorists to have more powerful bombs and plant them strategically to wipe out the entire senior leadership of BJP present on stage as well as kill hundreds of people. Instead they depended on the chaos these multiple low intensity explosions will create in the large crowd which will result in stampede and deaths. Remember large no. of deaths due to stampede recently at Ratangarh temple in MP. It is to the credit of the people of Bihar and the impromptu decision of on-stage leaders of BJP to calm the crowd and continue with the rally that the rally remained orderly and death wish of the terrorists was not fulfilled.

It is incredible that people who beg for votes become so insensitive and cruel towards the same voters who have given them the power to rule. Bihar government should not forget that it never pays to be pally with terrorists. There are past examples in Late Rajiv Gandhi who paid with his life due to congress government’s flirtation with Prabhakarn and Late Mrs India Gandhi, who paid with her life for propping up Bhindranvale.

It will be much better for the health of all concerned that elections are fought in a civilized manner keeping control on actions and languages used for the opponent.

It is yet to be seen what actions congress and JD U take on their so called leaders who took no time to blame RSS and other related organisations for these blasts and added fuel to the fire.


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