A lesson from a great player on how not to retire.

Sometimes greatness can also become a problem. When you achieve unprecedented success in your field, you at times start to feel invincible. In sports, especially where physical fitness is of extreme importance, one has to listen to ones body as it wears down and starts giving signals which become apparent with ones reduced performance levels.

But the minds of such great people are not conditioned to accept these signals and they think that this a passing thing and they are still the player they were at their prime. They keep on showing now and then a flash of their old self but the consistency which made them great has been lost.

Now consider their fans, people who have loved these players with their heart and had given unconditional support whenever the players had  gone through a bad patch. It is extremely painful for the fans to watch their favorite player going down the hill and not heeding to all the warning signals which are clearly visible to all who have their eyes and minds open.

Time comes when even the die-hard fans start wishing that their favorite player retires while his great moments of success are still alive in their minds.

The selectors on the other hand are so much enamored by the player that they give him/her a free hand to choose his/her retirement date without giving a damn to the game or to the other aspiring and deserving players who can climb a step up when this guy retires.

This is a great lesson to all others, in sports or other performance art areas, on how not to stretch a thing to it’s breaking point and when to retire in a graceful manner.


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