USA and the world.. on the matter of privacy

Of late there is a lot of news noise about USA spying on it’s friends in Europe. France and Germany have made proper noises and Britain has played it’s usual part of faithfully American puppy.

It is interesting to note that in spite of German protests, USA has not bothered to give any explanation and it is Germany who has to send a delegation to USA to seek clarifications.

It is ironic for the developed countries of Europe to ask USA as to how long they were spied upon, as if USA is going to provide them a truthful answer!

When every one in the world is dependent of US made technologies like GPS, cell phones, internet, emails etc., it is natural to assume that USA will have full control of the information these technologies generate. It will be impossible to continue to use these technologies and still expect some kind of privacy.

When Osama Bin Laden was aware of this situation (and thus avoided use of internet and email service to keep his location secret) it is impossible to believe that the developed countries of Europe were not aware of this game. It is safe to assume that all this noise now made by them is a face saving attempt from the general public of their countries. Till the time one continues to use USA designed and provided technologies, one cannot be sure of privacy.

India on it’s part had accepted this practical reality long back and thus had decided not to make this issue a big talking point.

Thanks to Snowden now this issue has come in public domain, even friends of USA will now have to device systems which will give them at least some privacy as no one would like others to peep into their private lives, even if they are ‘close friends’.


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