Thanks to the Congress party……

Thanks to the Congress party for finally fielding Mr. Rahul Gandhi in the election campaign. They have done a great favor to their political opponents. RG has provided the kind of fodder for his detractors which there were looking for, to bash him up and his party. RG  is one of the few sincere people left in the Congress party but lacks hugely in experience both of politics and administration. Being used to rule from the top, always a power center himself, he is surrounded by yes men and “chamchas” , who have given him a feeling that all what he does or says is the best.

Knowing this. BJP was baiting RG as well as Congress party for a long time and now they have swallowed the bait.

There is definitely some logic in what RG said about Pakistan being interested in exploiting riots like situation in our country. It is easy to exploit people in the name of religion at such times. However this, unless proved, should remain at the level of speculation and not an absolute truth as RG made it out.

It is interesting to note that so far no senior congress leaders, including their keen legal eagles, have come to the defense of RG. He is only defended by his usual cronies like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari and Renuka Choudhari who at best have some nuisance value in Indian politics and nothing else. And no one takes them seriously.

Even if RG does not succeed this time, he is the only hope for the ailing and corrupt Congress partly. Gandhi family is the only glue which binds the party together and old guards know it. That is why even if RG fails to deliver he will continue to be important to Congress for their own survival as a unified party.


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