Mr. Rahul Gandhi breaths fire….

In a surprising move Mr. Rahul Gandhi on behalf of congress party tore through government sponsored ordinance to prop corrupt and convicted politicians.

In the process Mr. Rahul Gandhi has humiliated (rightfully!) the entire cabinet, PM being the head of the cabinet became the prime target. Mr. Rahul Gandhi has implied that all cabinet members, whether from the congress or other UPA partners are thoughtless and downright stupid for having supported the ordinance to help convicted politicians like Lalu Yadav to continue in their game unabated.

Having a thick skin, no self respect and shamelessness are a few important traits of a loyal congress person. Mr. Manmohan Singh by refusing to step down under humiliation mated out by Mr. Rahul Ganghi has proved that he is a true congressman. It is however surprising that Mr. Singh has shown that he is as power hungry as his other cabinet colleagues and will bear any kind of humiliation and insult just to cling to the power.

It was expected that people like Mani Shankar Iyer, Sushil Shinde, Rajiv Shukla and Digvijay Singh will heap praise on Rahul Ganghi. They have no choice as their very existence depends on being in the good books of Gandhi family. Others like Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh Yadav are murmuring opposing voices true to their opportunistic style and tendency to be fence sitters. If they were a part of congress party would they had any courage even to dream opposing Rahul Gandhi?

But forget these spineless politicians, what Rahul Gandhi has said is true. The manner it was said also is apt as only this type of language can shake our politician from their slumber. His motive could be self promotion but there is nothing wrong in it. If in the process he does something good for the country and helps even a little bit to clean filthy Indian politics he must be lauded for his efforts. The way senior congress leaders have lined up to support Rahul Gandhi, gives him and his young brigade a boost to challenge this political filth in future also and the nation should support him.


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