India’s mission to Mars


A PSLV-XL launch vehicle

In less than a week we will launch our first mission to Mars. The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)—also known as “Mangalyaan” (Hindi for “Mars Craft”)—arrived at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre and is undergoing pre-launch checkout. It will fly atop the highly reliable Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and is expected to enter orbit around the Red Planet in early December 2014.

The the MOM/Mangalyaan mission would utilize the Deep Space Network (DSN) antennas, situated in Spain, California, and Australia, during periods in which the spacecraft is not visible to the Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN).

This is our “ technology demonstration project,” and it’s primary task is to prove that India has the technical capability to design, plan, manage, launch, and operate a deep-space mission across the vast gulf to reach the Red Planet. The spacecraft carries a payload of five scientific instruments—the Methane Sensor for Mars (MSM), Mars Colour Camera (MCC), Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyzer (MENCA), Thermal Infrared Spectrometer (TIR), and Lyman-Alpha Photometer (LAP)—and will be dedicated to developing a clearer understanding the morphology, topography, and mineralogy of the Martian surface, the dynamics of its tenuous upper atmosphere, the effects of the solar wind and radiation, and the nature of the planet’s large moon, Phobos.

The MOM/Mangalyaan mission will ride aboard the uprated PSLV-XL, which made its inaugural flight in October 2008, carrying Chandrayaan-1, India’s first spacecraft to visit the Moon. The vehicle will be powered for the first portion of its flight by a single first-stage engine and six strap-on boosters, all of which utilize a solid fuel of hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene. Although the boosters will burn for just 44 seconds, the first stage will continue to drive the PSLV-XL uphill for the first 4.5 minutes of the mission. The second stage and its single Vikas liquid-fueled engine will take over for 2.5 minutes, followed by the solid-fueled third stage for 83 seconds and lastly the twin liquid-fueled motors of the fourth stage for a little over 7 minutes.

After the PSLV-XL has placed MOM/Mangalyaan into low-Earth orbit, the spacecraft will execute a series of six thruster firings to expand its orbit to an apogee of 215,000 km and a perigee of 600 km. Its Liquid Apogee Motor (LAM), fueled by monomethyl hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide, was successfully tested in October 2012 at ISRO’s Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre at Mahendra Giri in Tamil Nadu. It will remain in this highly elliptical orbit for about a month, ahead of a final burn on to place it onto a trans-Mars trajectory. The spacecraft will cruise through interplanetary space for 10 months, to enter an elliptical orbit of 500 x 80,000 km around the Red Planet.

On successful mission, ISRO will become the fourth national space agency—after Roscosmos, NASA, and the European Space Agency (ESA)—to fly its own mission to the Red Planet.

Not only the success of this mission but even the journey so far in the area of space technology, by our scientists and engineers have made us proud and gives a this great feeling of being an Indian.

Bomb blasts at Patna

That there is a bad blood between Bihar JD government and BJP is a well known fact. But the animosity would go to such an extent that Bihar government would purposely ignore very specific security warning by IB about this terrorist act is some thing beyond comprehension.

On the top of it Birhar CM brazenly lied on TV stating that they had absolutely no clue about this act. This further confirms the ill intentions of Bihar government towards BJP and particularly Narendra Modi.

The fact that only (word ‘only’ has been used purely to indicate comparison) 5 people have lost their lives is no credit to Birah security apparatus. Considering the brazenness of this act, it would have been easily possible for the terrorists to have more powerful bombs and plant them strategically to wipe out the entire senior leadership of BJP present on stage as well as kill hundreds of people. Instead they depended on the chaos these multiple low intensity explosions will create in the large crowd which will result in stampede and deaths. Remember large no. of deaths due to stampede recently at Ratangarh temple in MP. It is to the credit of the people of Bihar and the impromptu decision of on-stage leaders of BJP to calm the crowd and continue with the rally that the rally remained orderly and death wish of the terrorists was not fulfilled.

It is incredible that people who beg for votes become so insensitive and cruel towards the same voters who have given them the power to rule. Bihar government should not forget that it never pays to be pally with terrorists. There are past examples in Late Rajiv Gandhi who paid with his life due to congress government’s flirtation with Prabhakarn and Late Mrs India Gandhi, who paid with her life for propping up Bhindranvale.

It will be much better for the health of all concerned that elections are fought in a civilized manner keeping control on actions and languages used for the opponent.

It is yet to be seen what actions congress and JD U take on their so called leaders who took no time to blame RSS and other related organisations for these blasts and added fuel to the fire.

Would China be a better friend of India than USA?

I am not a fan of China, in fact I have considered this country as our no. 1 enemy because unlike Pakistan, which has a nuisance value, China is a real threat to us. However China is also a pragmatic country. It mended it’s relations with USA an ideologically diametrically opposite country (is was at least at time when this relationship started). They did this when they found that the relationship has huge benefits to them. In the process today China has not only become the largest business partner of USA but their biggest creditor.

China has surpassed Japan as no. 2 economy of the world. They have advanced technologically to such an extent that they are rivaling Europeans in many complex technological areas including Space exploration and Defense equipment production which include fighter aircrafts and missile defense systems.

India and China started at the same time travelling the growth path. But look at the difference between us now. It is huge and to the advantage of China.

Consider China-Pak relations. What China gains out of them? Nothing except the nuisance Pakistan creates for us which is valued by Chinese only because they consider us as their rivals and want us to be bogged down by this constant irritation called Pakistan. Beyond this there is nothing in the China-Pak relations. Pakistan is a begging nation living on largess of China, USA and Saudis and will forever remain so. Why any country will be interested in having relationship with such a failed state if there is other better alternative available? Indian can provide this alternative to China.

Once we convince China that we have no global ambitions and are content to play a regional role, the main thorny issue is taken care of. There are many advantages in teaming up with China for both the countries. A combined 2.5 Billion size of population itself is a huge economic block which surpasses all other economic cooperation areas like EU, Asean etc. We may be proud of our democracy but it has not done us great in past 60 years. We can still have this system as it has many other advantages but it should not stop us from building a close relationship with China. Their political system is their business and we should not poke our nose un-necessarily in other nations affairs.

May be in the long run China will prove a better friend to us than USA who has always tried to equal us with Pakistan and has a major role in making Pakistan a rogue nation. Pakistan has used US supplied arms to fight with India and has used US supplied money to fund terrorists. Is this an indication of USA being a good friend of India?

May be time has come to a take a fresh look at our friends and foes.

A lesson from a great player on how not to retire.

Sometimes greatness can also become a problem. When you achieve unprecedented success in your field, you at times start to feel invincible. In sports, especially where physical fitness is of extreme importance, one has to listen to ones body as it wears down and starts giving signals which become apparent with ones reduced performance levels.

But the minds of such great people are not conditioned to accept these signals and they think that this a passing thing and they are still the player they were at their prime. They keep on showing now and then a flash of their old self but the consistency which made them great has been lost.

Now consider their fans, people who have loved these players with their heart and had given unconditional support whenever the players had  gone through a bad patch. It is extremely painful for the fans to watch their favorite player going down the hill and not heeding to all the warning signals which are clearly visible to all who have their eyes and minds open.

Time comes when even the die-hard fans start wishing that their favorite player retires while his great moments of success are still alive in their minds.

The selectors on the other hand are so much enamored by the player that they give him/her a free hand to choose his/her retirement date without giving a damn to the game or to the other aspiring and deserving players who can climb a step up when this guy retires.

This is a great lesson to all others, in sports or other performance art areas, on how not to stretch a thing to it’s breaking point and when to retire in a graceful manner.

USA and the world.. on the matter of privacy

Of late there is a lot of news noise about USA spying on it’s friends in Europe. France and Germany have made proper noises and Britain has played it’s usual part of faithfully American puppy.

It is interesting to note that in spite of German protests, USA has not bothered to give any explanation and it is Germany who has to send a delegation to USA to seek clarifications.

It is ironic for the developed countries of Europe to ask USA as to how long they were spied upon, as if USA is going to provide them a truthful answer!

When every one in the world is dependent of US made technologies like GPS, cell phones, internet, emails etc., it is natural to assume that USA will have full control of the information these technologies generate. It will be impossible to continue to use these technologies and still expect some kind of privacy.

When Osama Bin Laden was aware of this situation (and thus avoided use of internet and email service to keep his location secret) it is impossible to believe that the developed countries of Europe were not aware of this game. It is safe to assume that all this noise now made by them is a face saving attempt from the general public of their countries. Till the time one continues to use USA designed and provided technologies, one cannot be sure of privacy.

India on it’s part had accepted this practical reality long back and thus had decided not to make this issue a big talking point.

Thanks to Snowden now this issue has come in public domain, even friends of USA will now have to device systems which will give them at least some privacy as no one would like others to peep into their private lives, even if they are ‘close friends’.

Thanks to the Congress party……

Thanks to the Congress party for finally fielding Mr. Rahul Gandhi in the election campaign. They have done a great favor to their political opponents. RG has provided the kind of fodder for his detractors which there were looking for, to bash him up and his party. RG  is one of the few sincere people left in the Congress party but lacks hugely in experience both of politics and administration. Being used to rule from the top, always a power center himself, he is surrounded by yes men and “chamchas” , who have given him a feeling that all what he does or says is the best.

Knowing this. BJP was baiting RG as well as Congress party for a long time and now they have swallowed the bait.

There is definitely some logic in what RG said about Pakistan being interested in exploiting riots like situation in our country. It is easy to exploit people in the name of religion at such times. However this, unless proved, should remain at the level of speculation and not an absolute truth as RG made it out.

It is interesting to note that so far no senior congress leaders, including their keen legal eagles, have come to the defense of RG. He is only defended by his usual cronies like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari and Renuka Choudhari who at best have some nuisance value in Indian politics and nothing else. And no one takes them seriously.

Even if RG does not succeed this time, he is the only hope for the ailing and corrupt Congress partly. Gandhi family is the only glue which binds the party together and old guards know it. That is why even if RG fails to deliver he will continue to be important to Congress for their own survival as a unified party.

आहारातून उपचार / Healing With Food

नुकतेच माझ्या वाचनात डॉक्टर अंजली मुखर्जी यांचे मराठी अनुवादित पुस्तक “आहारातून उपचार” हे आले. पुस्तकात खूप उपयुक्त माहिती सोप्या व ओघवत्या भाषेत दिली आहे. त्यातील थोडी माहिती, सध्या आपण ज्यांना  “Life style” आजार म्हणतो त्यांवर खाली संकलित केली आहे. जर ही तुम्हाला आवडली तर तुम्ही संपूर्ण पुस्तक जरूर वाचा.

आहारातून उपचार

कोलेस्टेरॉलवर मात

         दररोज दोन मोठे चमचे ओटचा कोंडा, कमी स्निग्धांश असलेल्या गरम दुधात घालून घ्या.

         सोयाबीन दररोज ७०/८० ग्राम पोटात गेले पाहिजे.

         रोज एक सफरचंद खा.

         शिजविलेल्या कपभर छोल्यांमध्ये (बेंगाल ग्राम) कांदा, टोमाटो, कोथिंबीर घाला आणि कोशिंबिरी सारखे खा.

         रोजच्या जेवणात कच्चा कांदा खा.

         नियमितपणे हिरवा रस (गव्हांकुर, कोथिबीर) प्या.

         रोज दोन चमचे आळशीचे चूर्ण खा.

         रोज दोन पाकळ्या लसून ठेचून खा.

         एक वाडगा भर काळे किंवा हिरवे चणे उकडून, सलाड बनवून खा.

         रोज विटामिन ई चा २०० ते ४०० IU चा डोस तुमच्या डॉक्टरांच्या सल्ल्याने घ्या.

         साखरेच प्रमाण कमीत कमी राहूद्या. 

 रक्तातील गुठळ्या कमी करा

ह्या पदार्थांचा उपयोग खाण्यात करा लसून, आलं, कच्चा कांदा, हिरवा मिरच्या, ढोबळ्या मिरच्या, ग्रीन चहा, कच्च्या भाज्या, जवसाचे तेल, जीवनसत्व च्या गोळ्या.

उच्च रक्तदाबावर चाप

तुमचा रक्तदाब नेहेमी १२०/८० च्या जवळपास असला पाहिजे आणि १४०/९० च्या पुढ जाताकामा नये.

         फळे, भाज्या भरपूर खा.

         लसूण खा. गाव्हान्कुरांचा रस प्या.

         मीठ कमी खा.

         धुम्रपान व दारू बंद करा.


         जालोपचार तुमचा दिवस एक लिटर पाणी पिवून सुरु करा. नंतर दिवसात ६/७ ग्लास पाणी प्या. पाणी एकदम न पिता थांबून थांबून प्या.

         काळ्या मनुका –  रोज ४/५ मनुका रात्री पाण्यात भिजवून सकाळी खाव्यात. जास्त त्रास असेल तेंव्हा १५/२० मनुका खायला हरकत नाही.


         तुमचे वजन वाढले असल्यास ते ताबडतोब व्यायाम व योग्य आहाराने कमी करा.

         रोज ३०/४० मिनिटे चालण्याचा व्यायाम करा.

         मैद्याचे पदार्थ खाऊ नका. फळे आणि भाज्यांचे आहारातले प्रमाण वाढवा.

         तुमच्या आहारात जास्तीत जास्त तंतूंचा समावेश करा. ग्वार गम , सफरचंदाची साल, ओटचा कोंडा, चोथा असलेली फळे व भाज्या ह्यांचा आहारात समावेश असावा.

         कारलं दररोज उपाशी पोटी कपभर कार्ल्याचा ताजा रस घ्या. त्यात एक चमचा आवळ्याचा रस टाकल्यास उत्तम.

         आवळा दररोज ३/४ आवळे खाल्ले तर रोगप्रतिकारक शक्ती चांगलीच वाढते.

         मेथी दाणे –Type २ मधुमेहावर खूप फायदेशीर. दररोज सकाळी उठल्याबरोबर दोन चमचे मेथीचे चूर्ण खाल्ल्यास फयदा होतो.

पुस्तकाचे नाव – आहारातून उपचार – अनुवाद – सुनंदा अमरापूरकर

मूळ पुस्तक – Healing With Food by Dr. Anjali Mukherjee

Mr. Rahul Gandhi breaths fire….

In a surprising move Mr. Rahul Gandhi on behalf of congress party tore through government sponsored ordinance to prop corrupt and convicted politicians.

In the process Mr. Rahul Gandhi has humiliated (rightfully!) the entire cabinet, PM being the head of the cabinet became the prime target. Mr. Rahul Gandhi has implied that all cabinet members, whether from the congress or other UPA partners are thoughtless and downright stupid for having supported the ordinance to help convicted politicians like Lalu Yadav to continue in their game unabated.

Having a thick skin, no self respect and shamelessness are a few important traits of a loyal congress person. Mr. Manmohan Singh by refusing to step down under humiliation mated out by Mr. Rahul Ganghi has proved that he is a true congressman. It is however surprising that Mr. Singh has shown that he is as power hungry as his other cabinet colleagues and will bear any kind of humiliation and insult just to cling to the power.

It was expected that people like Mani Shankar Iyer, Sushil Shinde, Rajiv Shukla and Digvijay Singh will heap praise on Rahul Ganghi. They have no choice as their very existence depends on being in the good books of Gandhi family. Others like Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh Yadav are murmuring opposing voices true to their opportunistic style and tendency to be fence sitters. If they were a part of congress party would they had any courage even to dream opposing Rahul Gandhi?

But forget these spineless politicians, what Rahul Gandhi has said is true. The manner it was said also is apt as only this type of language can shake our politician from their slumber. His motive could be self promotion but there is nothing wrong in it. If in the process he does something good for the country and helps even a little bit to clean filthy Indian politics he must be lauded for his efforts. The way senior congress leaders have lined up to support Rahul Gandhi, gives him and his young brigade a boost to challenge this political filth in future also and the nation should support him.

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