A tall leader among pigmies

Among the political pigmies, who speak ill of our armed forces and believe that Jawans are meant to be killed when they choose to join armed forces, at last we have a political leader, in Mr. Narendra Modi who speaks for our brave Jawans and is grateful as well as proud of our armed forces.

He has rightfully pointed out that the real problem is not at the border but it is the weak, gutless and spineless central government and bureaucracy. This point was proved again and again by Pakistan who always considered an offer for peace and friendship by India as our weakness and chose to attack us on our every such initiative. This happened in 1965 under Mr. Shastri and again in 1999 under Mr. Bajpei.

Mr. Modi is right on the mark when he says that only a strong India will be respected by international community and when we achieve this status Pakistan and it’s sponsor China will not matter any more. China will soon get taste of it’s own medicine when Islamist terrorism in the region of Xingiang blows up in it’s face and bleeds the country.

Parties, especially Congress, who call Mr. Modi communal should know that they are responsible for massacre of thousands of our Sikh brothers and sisters. Sikhs  are blood brother of every patriotic Indian. They have always played a key role in defense of the country and in true sense have mingled with different cultures of the county as we find them living peacefully in every corner of India. It is the communal Congress party who is responsible for the riots of 1984 and killing of thousands of our blood brothers and sisters in Delhi. It is time that we should start recognizing the communal streak of congress party and start calling it the “Communal Congress”, name it really deserves.

It is the time when all patriotic Indians should unite and vote for BJP for an absolute majority in 2014 general elections. Only then Mr. Modi, free from shackles of coalition partners will be able to get rid of all the rot we have gather in past 60 years and will be able to bring our country the glory it deserves.

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