Pakistanis kill few more Indian soldiers… so what !!

Pakistan and it’s cronies have killed 5 more Indian soldiers and our politicians have once again engaged in their impotent debates and mud slinging.

What else you can expect from our political class?

But what about our Army? I always believed that our armed forces considered themselves as one family. What happens if any of your family members are harassed or harmed. You would want to take revenge. Doesn’t our Army feel in a similar way? I am sure their blood must be boiling too. If so, where is the response?

When will our Generals, Admirals and Air Chiefs have courage to come out of the shadows of politicians and the so called democratic principles and act to  protect  honor of our Armed forces? I wish this time they take some decisive actions against our enemy and teach them a unforgettable lesson. Let then our politicians face the consequences and do diplomatic cleanup and earn their keep for a change!

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