USA and Mr. Narendra Modi

There are frequent media reports about USA and it’s cronies denying visa to Mr. Modi on moral and humanitarian grounds. First and foremost Mr. Modi is not raring to go to these countries and hence making statements about denying visa is just an empty rhetoric aimed at appeasement of a section of people.

Secondly these so called liberal countries have no right to speak about humanity and moral values. Consider the history of USA. This country was formed on the graves of native Indians, who were mercilessly slaughtered by the European invaders who now call themselves as Americans. These Europeans themselves had fled their countries to escape from atrocities committed by their rulers and religious heads.

Americans have a long history of racial hatred and persecution against blacks. Most of the states of USA for a long time tried their level best to keep the slavery system alive and these efforts were brazenly supported by state and federal government and even courts. When these countries talk about our riots they must first look at their own record of riots and racial discrimination. If they conveniently forget their bloody past, we must remind them of it without meekly submitting to their arguments. America did not grant freedom to it’s black population till as late as 1963, even when large no. of blacks fought in both world wars and laid down their lives defending a nation of selfish people.

The latest case of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, shot dead by a white person who was acquitted by the court proves that the discrimination against blacks is still very much a part of the society even when a black person occupies white house!

At the same time credit must be given to a large no. of leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Martin Luther King, JF Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson etc., both from white and black communities, who tirelessly worked to remove discrimination, did not play vote bank politics and at times laid their lives paving way to freedom to the black slaves and their social acceptance. Black population too accepted America as their own country and did every thing to defend it’s honor.

We Indians unfortunately did not (and do not) have leaders who could see beyond petty politics and have a vision for our country. In order to garner votes and power, our political parties have turned the under privileged into complacent, lazy people fore-ever dependent on favors and free doles. They have been purposely kept uneducated so that their religious beliefs can be manipulated even at the cost of national unity and harmony. Political parties and their leaders always have played divisive politics and have never allowed people to unite for the country.

That is why USA with all it’s faults is a prosperous nation of proud people and India with all it’s natural and human wealth is still languishing in poverty,  in-fighting and has no respect of world community.

Pakistanis kill few more Indian soldiers… so what !!

Pakistan and it’s cronies have killed 5 more Indian soldiers and our politicians have once again engaged in their impotent debates and mud slinging.

What else you can expect from our political class?

But what about our Army? I always believed that our armed forces considered themselves as one family. What happens if any of your family members are harassed or harmed. You would want to take revenge. Doesn’t our Army feel in a similar way? I am sure their blood must be boiling too. If so, where is the response?

When will our Generals, Admirals and Air Chiefs have courage to come out of the shadows of politicians and the so called democratic principles and act to  protect  honor of our Armed forces? I wish this time they take some decisive actions against our enemy and teach them a unforgettable lesson. Let then our politicians face the consequences and do diplomatic cleanup and earn their keep for a change!

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