With due respect Mr. Amartya Sen…

Without doubt Mr. Amartya Sen is one of the most respected economists in the world.  The noble prize is testimony to his contribution in the field of Economics.

Unfortunately Mr. Sen has not chosen to comment on his field of expertise but on politics, which is not his domain. Any body can speak anything he/she likes but it is for others to decide which utterances should be taken seriously and which of those should be ignored. BJP has certainly helped to blow this issue out of proportion. They should have just ignored it knowing the extent of influence of Mr. Sen’s comments on Indian voters.

It is not known if Mr. Sen who is based abroad but still carries his Indian citizenship, has ever offered his enormous expertise in the area of economics to the ruling UPA government and helped his country in formulating suitable economic policies. If he has done so, either it has not helped or his services were ignored by Indian government for some reasons. Only Mr. Sen will know the answer.

We certainly do not want to take back ‘Bharat Ratna’ award from Mr. Sen. This was given to him for certain reasons and qualities which have still not changed.

No doubt Mr. Sen denounces the growth model of Gujarat, as his work is basically in the area of welfare economics. However he himself lives in and enjoys benefits of western countries which follow capitalistic growth models. Does it mean that the concepts which Mr. Sen believes in work only in theory and not practice?

 It is not necessary for the BJP to react to each and every comment of every individual. It is obvious that most such issues are fueled by media which is in constant need of controversies to keep on their 24/7 chatter. BJP should learn to ignore all such irrelevant issues and even irrelevant people like Mr. Digvijay Singh and Ms. Renuka Chouwdhary, whose only purpose is to talk nonsense, keep media interest alive and continue to have nuisance value for their party.


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