Mini Trek to Mubra Devi Hill Temple

It has been raining cats and dogs for past 3 days. With 3 soaking days of rain, we are experiencing a rare cool climate, perfect for a hot cup of masala chai and plates of bhajias but only after a refreshing trek…in the torrential rain. I am planning a proper trek next month, so today with such an inviting climate I started for a mini trek to Mumbra Devi Hill temple. It is a small hill about 425 meters high which can be reached by climbing lots and lots (about 900+) of steps. In the true sense it is not a trek but it still gives the pleasure of monsoon mountain climbing with lots of greenery all around and numerous waterfalls on the way. Another reason is, it is close by place to Thane and a to and fro from Thane can be completed in about 3/4 hours.

The temple can be seen from Mumbra station itself and the hill climb starts right from the station doorstep. Apparently a part of foot of the hill has been used for Mumbra township and the station. The real hill climb starts after we cross the highway and then it is all the way up by steps made from rough stones. The temple is at the top of the hill.  The top also gives a great panoramic view of Mumbra town and beyond. The climb takes about an hour but return is a bit faster.

Here are some of the photographs I shot today. Although there were many great photo opportunities, because of incessant rain it was difficult to shoot without risking the camera. All in all it was a great morning spent with good exercise and nice refreshing experience.

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