This is an insult to our armed forces.

Disgraceful, shameless, despeakable …. I cannot think of other strong words to describe actions of Indian politicians, across political parties, played out in the media in the wake of  Uattarakhand disaster.

Here are a few disgusting examples of how our politicians are conducting themselves.

  • Politicians engaging in fist fight in public to take credit for bringing back people of their state.
  • Politicians announcing lakhs and lakhs to victims belonging only to their state as if other victim’s lives have no value.
  • Politicians indulging in disaster tourism by taking free rides on helicopters which otherwise could have been used in rescue missions.

Apparently there is no lower level to which politicians in our country will not stoop to , to score cheap brownie points.

On the other hand our armed forces are risking their lives every single moment of the relief operation.

We  understand that all such actions of politicians are aimed at gaining publicity and there is a need to strike out this very aspect. In our country only courts can bring some amount of discipline and control over politicians. So we need court’s diktat on following areas:

  • Anyone not directly connected to disaster relief operations should be barred from entering disaster area.
  • All monetary donations must be accumulated in a common disaster relief fund.
  • A post relief, rehahilitaion task force should be formed which will be headed by prominent city planners, ecologists and security experts. Politicians should only have implementation responsibility and no other say.
  • A rehabilitation fund should be setup and all states should be made to contribute to it based on their financial condition.
  • All other measures which will prevent all self glorification, one upmanship actions should also be taken.

Once the politicians find that they are unable to obtain cheap publicity, they will automatically withdraw and relief work can go on unhindered.

Of late on every issue whether it is disaster management, tackling corruption, election and police reforms or safety of citizens, politicians have failed this country miserably.

One should really think whether we need this political class whose every action is aimed at serving their own  interest at the cost of citizens of this country.


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