Why India is routinely ignored & humiliated?

India is one of the few countries on the planet which has money to invest and a large population to consume goods produced by the world. Most of the countries across the world want Indian investments and skilled people.

Still as a country we are ignored and humiliated again and again. Consider these events…..

  • UK now brackets us with countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh, Pakistan and demands a bond from Indians for issuing visas.
  • Major events like current Utterakhand tragedy get a foot note in international media, while events like demonstrations in Brazil and Turkey are played for days on end.
  • Pakistan routinely engages in killings and destruction in our country.
  • China walks into our territory, occupies our land at will.
  • Our fishermen are shot dead by Italian marines. Italy does not give two hoots to Indian demand for their return.
  • Switzerland does not cooperate with our authorities on bank accounts held by Indians in their country while opening up completely to USA on similar demand.
  • Blackberry drags it’s feet on hosting data on India based servers and allow access of encrypted emails to our security agencies.
  • Our ministers are body frisked by USA against established norms. They do not spare  even our ex-president.
  • Bangladesh dares us over water issue.
  • Union Carbide gets away cheaply after killing thousands in Bhopal. On the other hand USA extracts heavy price from BP on account of oil spill in US waters.
  • Our film stars (read Indian citizens) are grilled at US airports like criminals.

This list can go on and on….

Why are we treated like dirt ? Does anyone have a view ??


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