What have you achieved Mr. Advani?

Two days of drama, resignation and retraction, all to what end?

A promise about to be consulted on party decisions in future, a face saver after you realized a very thin support base or any other thing more substantial?

Unfortunately sir, your actions seemed petty, not fitting to your stature in the party.

It is impossible to believe that you were not consulted on Mr. Modi’s selection to the new post. You might have disagreed but others in the party felt it the right thing to do. Instead of going with the majority, you sulked and resigned. You accuse others of having dictatorial way, isn’t it the other way round? For you it seems to be either my way or the highway.

You now preach the need for all inclusive policies for the party. Your actions to achieve this goal (which was supposed to propel you to PM post), actually reduced your party’s strength in last couple of elections. Did your utterances about Babri structure and Jinnah praising, win you votes of other communities? They most certainly not! On the other hand look at Gujarat, where Mr. Modi has won successive elections year after year and this he achieved not only by focusing on development but by uniting traditional BJP vote bank which overwhelmingly supported you in past. So which policy worked better? Why don’t you have the grace to give credit where it is due?

One thing your dramatics did do was to through in open your support base in party. Look at the people who supported you, Mr. Jaswant Singh, Mr. Venkaiya Naidu, Mr. Anantha Kumar and Ms. Uma Bharti, they are all faded stars and are clinging to you as they have no strength of their own. This revelation has further eroded your image in the party.

Considering the chaos of coalition politics which both NDA and UPA has experienced, it is better to have a strong BJP on it’s own and that is the aim which next gen in BJP is working for. A strong party will attract power hungry regional parties and will help BJP to form the government at center. However BJP will still remain firmly in control of policy making and smaller parties will be happy with the crumbs thrown at them.

In spite of the current episode sir, let me say that there still great respect for you for what you have done for the party but people are truly sorry for the way things have turned out for you near the end of your glorious political career.


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