Cloud Computing and it’s implications on IT careers

Cloud computing models are changing the way organizations procure and manage their IT services and at the same cloudtime expect to bring in deep changes in IT careers.

More and more public sector bodies and private enterprises are gyrating towards cloud based technologies as they mature and some of the main objections to cloud adaptation are addressed.

Drivers to move to the cloud are same for all – to eliminate wasteful IT spending and deliver innovative services beneficial to clients. Lower costs of managing cloud is attracting more and more SMEs to cloud based solutions.

Cloud will fundamentally change the way systems and services are procured and managed. This is the most relevant issue for the future of IT recruitment and employment because it involves radical shift of in-house technological skills, away from development towards integration and procurement of external services. As current mundane operations like data center cooling, security and maintenance of physical servers become less relevant, IT departments of the future will be required to understand how technical and software solutions  can be applied to streamline the process of the organization and expect to see their job roles change accordingly. In short, future IT personnel will no longer be the ‘geek’ category but will need to have much more domain knowledge about their industry. Purely software development and maintenance skills may become redundant to the industry and even for the cloud as some of the skills required are very different within the cloud.

Another new area to open up is in certification side as the new cloud based enterprises will be required to certify themselves to specific security norms. At present the most basic level of security confirms roughly to ISO27001 specification.

Though the idea that the cloud reduces the need for high-level IT skills for customers is false, it definitely means retraining in different kind of skill mostly in the area of certification, integration and procurement.

The decisive shift to cloud may be 2/3 years away thus it gives sufficient time for our future IT professionals to identify and get relevant skills to operate in cloud environment.

This article is based on article in ‘Engineering & Technology’ March 2013 issue and other resources from the web.

This is an insult to our armed forces.

Disgraceful, shameless, despeakable …. I cannot think of other strong words to describe actions of Indian politicians, across political parties, played out in the media in the wake of  Uattarakhand disaster.

Here are a few disgusting examples of how our politicians are conducting themselves.

  • Politicians engaging in fist fight in public to take credit for bringing back people of their state.
  • Politicians announcing lakhs and lakhs to victims belonging only to their state as if other victim’s lives have no value.
  • Politicians indulging in disaster tourism by taking free rides on helicopters which otherwise could have been used in rescue missions.

Apparently there is no lower level to which politicians in our country will not stoop to , to score cheap brownie points.

On the other hand our armed forces are risking their lives every single moment of the relief operation.

We  understand that all such actions of politicians are aimed at gaining publicity and there is a need to strike out this very aspect. In our country only courts can bring some amount of discipline and control over politicians. So we need court’s diktat on following areas:

  • Anyone not directly connected to disaster relief operations should be barred from entering disaster area.
  • All monetary donations must be accumulated in a common disaster relief fund.
  • A post relief, rehahilitaion task force should be formed which will be headed by prominent city planners, ecologists and security experts. Politicians should only have implementation responsibility and no other say.
  • A rehabilitation fund should be setup and all states should be made to contribute to it based on their financial condition.
  • All other measures which will prevent all self glorification, one upmanship actions should also be taken.

Once the politicians find that they are unable to obtain cheap publicity, they will automatically withdraw and relief work can go on unhindered.

Of late on every issue whether it is disaster management, tackling corruption, election and police reforms or safety of citizens, politicians have failed this country miserably.

One should really think whether we need this political class whose every action is aimed at serving their own  interest at the cost of citizens of this country.

Why India is routinely ignored & humiliated?

India is one of the few countries on the planet which has money to invest and a large population to consume goods produced by the world. Most of the countries across the world want Indian investments and skilled people.

Still as a country we are ignored and humiliated again and again. Consider these events…..

  • UK now brackets us with countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh, Pakistan and demands a bond from Indians for issuing visas.
  • Major events like current Utterakhand tragedy get a foot note in international media, while events like demonstrations in Brazil and Turkey are played for days on end.
  • Pakistan routinely engages in killings and destruction in our country.
  • China walks into our territory, occupies our land at will.
  • Our fishermen are shot dead by Italian marines. Italy does not give two hoots to Indian demand for their return.
  • Switzerland does not cooperate with our authorities on bank accounts held by Indians in their country while opening up completely to USA on similar demand.
  • Blackberry drags it’s feet on hosting data on India based servers and allow access of encrypted emails to our security agencies.
  • Our ministers are body frisked by USA against established norms. They do not spare  even our ex-president.
  • Bangladesh dares us over water issue.
  • Union Carbide gets away cheaply after killing thousands in Bhopal. On the other hand USA extracts heavy price from BP on account of oil spill in US waters.
  • Our film stars (read Indian citizens) are grilled at US airports like criminals.

This list can go on and on….

Why are we treated like dirt ? Does anyone have a view ??

Our defense forces at Utterakhand

p2In this time of crisis, we need to focus on the heroic efforts of our defense forces engaged in the massive relief operation in Utterakhand. Our media, instead of covering inept politicians, corrupt and lethargic bureaucrats, should concentrate on the positive aspects of this tragedy and give maximum coverage to the exemplary efforts of our defense forces.

Here is a glimpse of the massive rescue operation launched by our defense forces.

Launching one of the biggest rescue operations in Uttarakhand, the Army has mobilized large number of troops, as it simultaneously reached out to thousands of stranded people in four regions — Rishikesh-Uttarkashi-Harsil-Gangotri; Rudraprayag-Kedarnath; Joshimath-Badrinath and Dharchula-Tawaghat in Pithoragarh district.

Dozens of helicopters and thousands of soldiers have been deployed to help those trapped across the state, including many residents whose houses have been damaged.

Rescue and relief operations encompass sorties by choppers, mobilization of resources, evacuation to relief camps, moving people from relief camps to base areas, search operation to locate and rescue the missing, and rebuilding the battered areas and infrastructure.

Besides the Army, Indian Air-force, Indian Navy, Sashastra Seema Bal, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and the National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) are using their specialized skills to make new routes through the hills and rescuing people on foot.

The IAF continues to be the lifeline between those stranded in the upper ridges and the world down below. Apart from flying out the old, infirm, children and women as top priority, the force is carrying food, medical and fuel supplies to the forward helipads where many of the helicopters are doing quick shuttles. Air-force has transported a 25-bed hospital using our C-130J aircraft there in Dharasu which can treat over 100 people per day and can run without backup for seven days. It has also employed an Antonov-32 aircraft to deliver engineering equipment of Border Roads Organisation to the nearest air field from where it would be airlifted by Mi-26, the world’s largest helicopter, to help the road constructing body to repair roads.

Joining the relief operations, the Navy has also deployed around 45 of its divers for rescuing people.

Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has mounted a road rehabilitation program in Uttarakhand where a total of about 13 km length of road at 100 places has been breached. Major landslides have occurred at 110 places and nine bridges have either been washed away or damaged. BRO is also airlifting light bridges for Badrinath and Kedarnath to bridge gaps and establish early connectivity.

NDRF personnel, who have been heli-dropped at various remote locations, have rescued thousands of people and recovered many dead bodies.

Kudos to our Jawans for their heroic efforts and tireless work. The entire country is grateful to them.

Homeopathy….cure or con?

picWhen you visit your doctor he is likely to offer you Conventional, Drug-based Medicine. Rarely, if ever, will your GP discuss with you any alternative treatments. Indeed, most conventionally trained doctors have not been trained in Homeopathy, or any other Alternative Treatment, and so are not qualified to advise you.

The main contention of people opposed to Homeopathy is that the reason patients get better is not because of the homeopathic remedy but because of a placebo-effect and the lengthy consultation with a compassionate clinician. But placebo effect theory is wrong, as homeopathy is known to work even better for kids and infants who are not influenced by placebo effect. But is there anything wrong with using the placebo effect? After-all no one will deny that a patient feels a lot better if his doctor talks with compassion, shows concern for his  condition and gives him time to express his feelings. Unfortunately in today’s fast paced world, time is a precious commodity and doctors with their heavy patient load are always short of time.

What are advantages of Homeopathy?

  1.  Homeopathy is extremely effective, but requires a good match between the symptoms of your illness, and the known symptom picture of a homeopathic remedy. When this match is achieved, Homeopathy will be effective.
  2. Homeopathy is safe.
  3.  Homeopathy is inexpensive – Today it is hard to find a GP to treat your every day illnesses like common cold, cough, sprains etc. Visiting specialists costs a bundle and often exposes you to heavy doses of antibiotics.

A growing number of people, throughout the world, are now turning to Homeopathy to treat illness. It is now the second most used therapy worldwide.

To build up confidence you can start treating  everyday illnesses like common cold, cough, flu, sprain, acidity, indigestion etc. Once you gain confidence and develop trust you can graduate to higher levels.

What have you achieved Mr. Advani?

Two days of drama, resignation and retraction, all to what end?

A promise about to be consulted on party decisions in future, a face saver after you realized a very thin support base or any other thing more substantial?

Unfortunately sir, your actions seemed petty, not fitting to your stature in the party.

It is impossible to believe that you were not consulted on Mr. Modi’s selection to the new post. You might have disagreed but others in the party felt it the right thing to do. Instead of going with the majority, you sulked and resigned. You accuse others of having dictatorial way, isn’t it the other way round? For you it seems to be either my way or the highway.

You now preach the need for all inclusive policies for the party. Your actions to achieve this goal (which was supposed to propel you to PM post), actually reduced your party’s strength in last couple of elections. Did your utterances about Babri structure and Jinnah praising, win you votes of other communities? They most certainly not! On the other hand look at Gujarat, where Mr. Modi has won successive elections year after year and this he achieved not only by focusing on development but by uniting traditional BJP vote bank which overwhelmingly supported you in past. So which policy worked better? Why don’t you have the grace to give credit where it is due?

One thing your dramatics did do was to through in open your support base in party. Look at the people who supported you, Mr. Jaswant Singh, Mr. Venkaiya Naidu, Mr. Anantha Kumar and Ms. Uma Bharti, they are all faded stars and are clinging to you as they have no strength of their own. This revelation has further eroded your image in the party.

Considering the chaos of coalition politics which both NDA and UPA has experienced, it is better to have a strong BJP on it’s own and that is the aim which next gen in BJP is working for. A strong party will attract power hungry regional parties and will help BJP to form the government at center. However BJP will still remain firmly in control of policy making and smaller parties will be happy with the crumbs thrown at them.

In spite of the current episode sir, let me say that there still great respect for you for what you have done for the party but people are truly sorry for the way things have turned out for you near the end of your glorious political career.

Bid Adieu!

It is unfortunate that Mr. Advani has felt that no other alternative is available to him to convince others for his point of view but to play the old pressure tactics of putting up his resignation. This is a time tested tactics used in Congress and apparently Mr. Advani feels that it may also work for him. Strangely Mr. Advani seems to be supporting Mr. Gadkari, who was removed from the party post  on corruption charges and is still not out the woods.

It is now time to say Bid Adieu to the old guards at BJP. Starting with Mr. Advani, the list should include Mr. Jaswant Singh, Mr. Venkaiya Naidu, Ms. Uma Bharti and Mr. Ananatha Kumar. Party should create ‘emeritus’ positions for these people because of their valuable services in the past and honor them with emeritus titles. It will be wrong for the partly to bend backwards and beg Mr. Advani to retract his resignation.

So this seems to be a time for cleanup. First BCCI and now BJP. In this process the partly should get rid of loose cannons like Mr. Ram Jethmalani and Ms. Uma Bharti. Such people are totally unpredictable and not of long term use to the party.

Congress seems to be gloating with all these events. But they still are reluctant to bring Mr. Rahul Gandhi in the forefront as a direct challenger to Mr. Modi. There could be couple of reasons for this. One being Mr. Gandhi is  not seen as the winning horse and second, given a chance they want to put a puppet in that chair who can be remotely controlled. This will be the perfect arrangement for the family giving them all the power without any responsibility and accountability of governance.

Media is having a field day!  With likes of Mr. Digvijay Singh, Ms. Renuka Choudhary they have a continuous flow of juicy (also stupid at times)  titbits and comments. This is the ultimate entertainment time for the media !  Prime time all the time !!

Why some people just can’t let it go??

Last couple of days media had a great time, with senior BJP leaders feeding them juicy news by their actions and body languages.

No doubt Mr. Advani did a great job for BJP when he helped to bring it’s MPs tally from a pathetic 2 to something over 150! He thought of a plan when no one else could imagine it and had determination and courage to execute it to near perfection. Uniting a billion odd people with a single idea is not a joke!

But unfortunately thereafter it has been a slow down-slide for Mr. Advani and BJP. It started with Mr. Advani expressing regret over Babri structure destruction and it’s speed increased when he praised Jinnah during his visit to Pakistan. With his latest stand to oppose Mr. Modi, I believe that Mr. Advani has achieved another low in his popularity index and lost some more respect among his followers.

I am surprised at the way people want to cling to their position, be it in politics, sports or entertainment. They do not realize that they had their time and it is now necessary to make way for the next gen. Unfortunately they cling on to their position till even their ardent supporters start wishing their exit in some respectable way.

When people like Mr. Digvijay Singh, Mr. Manish Tiwari start speaking in support of Mr. Advani he should realize the kind of damage he has done to the reputation of his party. After Jinnah episode lots of Pakistanis spoke in favor of Mr. Advani and look where it eventually landed us with attacks on parliament, Mumbai etc.

Talking about people clinging to power, we have great personalities like Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Narayan Murthy (he came back on request from his former organization) or Mr. Nelson Mandela who have relinquished power so that next gen can grow and contribute. And in spite of being out of power these gentlemen still enjoy the same or even greater respect. Why not our aged politicians behave in a similar way? I am sure this way they will too continue to enjoy public support, love and respect.

Indian cricket fan……… the ultimate fool !

All over the electronic media there is a clamor about the ‘unethical’ way BCCI and it’s members have conducted themselves and cheated a billion Indian cricket lovers. How naive one can get ?
If you open your house for thieves to rob you and then make a hue and cry,  who is to blame? Thieves are there to rob others and so are BCCI and state cricket associations. It is the gullible common man who calls himself a cricket lover, buys costly ticket to watch a match and worships players like God, has turned out to be the ultimate fool. BCCI and all other cricket associations know it very well that in a few day every thing will be forgotten and the fools will continue to be fooled.

Only answer to straighten cricket associations is to boycott all cricket games and players in totality. Hey, am I daydreaming ? Can such a thing ever happen in India, where people glorify even criminals who are accused of crushing people under their expensive cars, killing wildlife for pleasure and colluding with terrorists.

You decide…..

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