New age Gulams (Slaves)

Decades ago humans were bought and sold as slaves and once sold they owed their very existence to their masters. This practice was abolished but has now resurfaced in a different form.

In the modern times our cricketers have become the new slaves, bought by franchisees. They not only have sold their body but their honor and dignity as well. They cannot voice their opinions and have to dance to the tune of their owners. This was obvious when recently in a press meet MS Dhoni, was not allowed to answer any questions about current cricket controversies by CSK media manager. MSD was sitting at the press meet like as lifeless doll with a fixed plastic smile.

Similar is the case with ex-cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shashtri and various BCCI board members who have chosen to remain silent under the weight of money and other lucrative contracts doled out by BCCI to them.

This power of money is all pervasive and is also evident in the corporate world, where senior managers, board members are simply bought over by various favors; stock options etc. and then they remain mute spectators to all the wrong doing in the organization.

Practice of slavery continues………………..


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