IPL scandals

What is wrong if Srishant has spent lakhs on cloths and cell phone? It is his money and he has every right to spend it the way he likes. The problem is source of this money. Unfortunately instead of concentrating on money trail, media and law enforcers are more into sensantionizing the story with trivial details. 
It will be impossible to stop corrupt practices where there is lot of easy money to be made (ask your next door traffic hawaldar). Counseling and teaching high moral values to players is a waste of time. Baby sitting player all the time is impractical and there is no way one can stop bookies contacting players. Instead we should have strong deterrents like long prison sentences, confiscation of entire unexplained money players possess with stiff penalties and life ban on playing. 
Even after these measures there will be some still wanting to take the risk and indulge in corrupt practices, but such cases will be very few and so it will be comparatively easy to focus on them for investigation. 
When today’s player see that those previously caught in match/spot fixing cases have not only survived but are thriving as politicians, celebrity commentators on TV channels, why should they be afraid or ashamed of making easy money in similar way? Only way to curb this practice is to have effective deterrents in place immediately.


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